Flirting With Web Content On A Fabulous Friday


Flirting With Web Content On A Fabulous Friday

Manhattan Monsyter

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If you have a tendency to enjoy being disgusted then these pictures will be right up your gaff! If you haven’t already heard or seen, a messed-up unidentifiable creature dubbed the ‘Manhattan Monster’ washed up under Brooklyn Bridge!Comparisons have been made to it being a giant rat, cooked pig or a small bloated dog!
Tuck into the slideshow of pics over lunch!

GOOGLE EARTH 3D (Victoria)

When Google Earth first launched back in 2005, I would spend hours trawling it, enthralled by the ability to view cities and landmarks in every corner of the globe.
When the Street View feature was added in 2007 I was equally excited at being able to view street level images, at first just for the entertainment factor and then it quickly became invaluable when trying to find locations – especially useful in London!
Google announced yesterday that 3D imaging is now available on Android and Apple apps for a select number of cities, including San Francisco and Rome with more being added.
Users of the ‘Tour Guide’ feature can get a sense of flying above the city – quite amazing! ​


Now this is truly amazing… a teen from Florida has survived being shot in the head with a spear! Yasser Lopez, 16, was accidentally shot in the forehead with the spear as it was being loaded. Witnesses have said that the impact of the spear was so powerful that it lifted him off the ground and into the lake. He was airlifted to a hospital, where doctors could saw part of the embedded spear off to fit him into a scanner. The x-ray revealed that the spear entered through his right eye but barely missed it and exited the back of his brain, making a clean entry. The spear missed every major blood vessel, which saved his speech. He can’t remember the incident and is having trouble with the left side of his body. Amazing, but I’ve certainly gotten goosebumps- I’ll be staying away from any spears from now on!


With the Olympics finally upon us there would appear to be no better time than the present to start thinking about getting into shape. Given the hideous weather so far this year, combined with a lack of foreign holidays on the horizon, many of us have bypassed the bikini body stage of burgeoning summer. However, the sun seems to be finally making an appearance, so my high five for today is about the 10 fitness apps that boost your stamina, speed and strength. From ‘Zombies, Run!’ to ‘All-in YOGA: 300 Poses and Yoga classes’ these apps will help get you motivated and have you sweating and sore, guaranteed!–Yoga-Classes​


I have never been much of science geek but when I read stories like this I wish I had taken more of an interest at School. Five teenagers who have embraced the science world were recently announced as winners of the second annual Google science fair. They were chosen from 30 finalists from around the world and prizes include college scholarships from Google for $25,000 or $50,000. Brittany Wenger from Florida was amongst the five winners, she won for her pioneering idea of an app which helps doctors diagnose cancer. Visit her app at Cloud4Cancer Breast Cancer Detection.