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If you were frozen with fear from our Ice Scream story or would like a cat like Venus – let us know via Facebook or Twitter!

ICE SCREAM (Victoria)

A Russian advertising agency has created some freaky frozen treats in the shape of horror films characters from the 1980s.
They come in a range of sweet and savoury flavours including mint blue curacao, cheesecake and red pepper and celery.
Not really quite sure of the point or relevance of them, but still quite a novel idea. Although I would probably avoid Chuckie as I am scarred from being forced to watch Child’s Play as a youngster, and cannot imagine the Pinhead lolly would be fun to eat! ​


Tennis fever has hit New York this week, with the beginning of this year’s U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows. As if the tennis major wasn’t enough for the city to host, it is currently also home to the world’s largest tennis racket. The racket, the size of a bus, was constructed in honour of tennis legend, Billie Jean King. Made of wood, and with water hoses as strings, it was hoped to have the racket displayed at the tournament, but due to its size, was unable to. With the structure being so big, it is classed as a building, thus, needs planning permission.


A common question posted on science and ‘what if?’ forums is about how earth would be affected if everyone on the planet jumped in the air and landed at the same time. This article explains the likely outcome. It’s probably not what you thought.


When the Draw Something app first popped up on the app store I was addicted. Who knew that such a simple app could be so fun! I liked the fact that you could battle against your friends or play complete randoms and draw really stupid things. Now a Dutch ad agency is using Draw Something to find its next  intern. All potential interns have to do is download the app, add the user name ‘Drawsome Intern’ and draw the word that appears on screen. I think it is quite clever however a YouTube commentator didn’t think so when they said “How about treating young creatives as serious people looking for work instead of a /censored/ joke to be exploited for company promo purposes?”  Interesting!


Many of you may have seen a picture of Venus the cat bandied about across social networking sites over the past week or so- and with good reason – she is one truly remarkable feline. Called a Chimera, Venus has a face that is half black and half calico and she has one blue and one green eye thanks to heterochromia – a condition that can be hereditary or caused by a disease or syndrome. However, Venus seems to be completely healthy and posts on her Facebook page say she’s ‘as sweet as can be….gentle, loving, and has this little tiny kitten like “meow”‘. Now tell me where I can get one, please!​