Five tantalising Tuesday tidbits


Five tantalising Tuesday tidbits



Amazing how the most ordinary every day objects can be transformed into very amusing sculuptures with a bit of wire and some bent paper clips. Gave me a laugh, anyway.


Poor Nigella Laswon.  After spending years honing the public image of a shy wall flower (joking here), the poor lass has had her privacy breached.   On spending £12m upgrading her seven bedroom mansion, the demure chef still can’t have a shower safe in the knowledge that the neighbours won’t see her naked.  People living on her street have apparently been left aghast, according to this article in the Telegraph.  I don’t know if anyone who watches her programme would agree that this is shocking news.  Personally, i love Nigella and her in your face attitude to flaunting her sexuality.  I bet the people who are complaining about seeing her naked body are experiencing severe neck pains after craning them so far to see her.  Seriously, no one except peeping Toms and par kour experts should be claiming to have seen her naked through her bathroom window.  This story reminds me of when my grandmother used to complain to me that the programmes on SKY TV at 3am on X-Rated channels were disgusting.  First of all Gran, why are you sitting watching TV at 3am, and secondly these channels demand code entry.


It’s usually outlaws or fugitives that have a price placed on their heads, but would-be bounty hunters are currently pursuing an unusual target – a runaway cow.

The bovine escapee, called Yvonne, did a runner while en-route to an abattoir and has been evading capture for more than 90 days. Her fugitive prowess has now got to the point where her exasperated owners in Bavaria have now put a 10,000 Euro bounty on her head, but even this has been insufficient to ensure her capture.

Hilariously, the attempts to recover the cow have also included using the charms of a bull called Ernst who is apparently so attractive that he has been dubbed the “George Clooney of bulls”. But even this seductive beast has proved unsuccessful in luring Yvonne from her woodland hideout and into the slaughterhouse. Hardly surprising really.


If, like me, you’ve always liked to try the idea of drive-in movie – a new cinema experience in London next month that takes the concept to a different level is likely to appeal.  California Classics is billing itself as truly immersive screening experience.  Instead of a drive in movie, 8000 cinema goers will be pitching up on a secret temporary set designed to look like a stretch of California beach to watch classic movies Top Gun and The Lost Boys.  The location has yet to be revealed – those buying tickets will be advised where to bring their rugs and, presumably, buckets and spades.


High fashion magazine Vogue has ignited a race row over an earring feature piece which they titled ‘Slave Earings.’

Angry readers launched a petition where followers could tweet Italian Vogue to register their fury at the feature article which has been criticised of glamorising slavery and being openly racist and careless.  It isn’t hard to see why after reading the description text which read “if the name brings to mind the decorative traditions of the women of colour who were brought to the southern United States during the slave trade, the latest interpretation is pure freedom.” 

Although I would agree that at times we are becoming perhaps too conscious of being politically correct, especially in the area of comedy I would say that it isn’t difficult to see why it has sparked fury amongst the public.  To many the language might imply that by being ‘brought’ to America suggests it was consensual and it is very unwise to use the word freedom to describe the jewellery style of the women worn during the slave trade.  Vogue has been slated for missing the mark in their communication with consumers.

In response to the demands for an apology and the withdrawal of the article Vogue have changed the title to ‘Ethnic earrings but this hasn’t silenced critics who complain that the body of the text still outlines the plight of African slaves, linking it to the earring trend.