Five Slices of Holyrood Pie


Five Slices of Holyrood Pie


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We all love a great advert and this year’s Chip Shop Awards celebrate some of the more creative campaigns that have been released this year. The awards celebrate the ingenuity and the ideas behind the campaign and all of the winners have an angle which either makes you sit back and think about the wider picture or are so funny that you could cry. This round up of the winners shows just some of the best and it is difficult to choose a favourite! With risqué slogans such as ‘Goodbye Charlie hello Mr Sheen’ for a well known furniture polish brand, regional dialects such as the AA Liverpool ads and down right bad taste such as the Lynx and vaginal tightening clinic (just wait until you see the ad!) the winners reflect the very best of UK creativity.

SKY HIGH (Emily)

Scared of heights? Then I advise you to look away now. Airbus have unveiled a new futuristic flight concept to be released in 2050. This plane has designs that you would only ever imagine to see in a Sci-Fi movie with Harrison Ford – transparent, holographic pop-up gaming displays and in-flight entertainment powered by the heat of passengers’ bodies. Funnily enough I actually said a few weeks ago when I was flying back from Egypt, “imagine if the plane was see-through.” Of course that was just a mad remark however only a few weeks later, it doesn’t seem so crazy. I can’t say I conjured up the holographic pop-up games but the plane I imagined was transparent underneath you as well as above and all around you. I think I’ve won on this one.


As a Coventry fan, the final day of the 2010-11 Premier League season was a great day to behold – as Carling Cup winners and local bogey team Birmingham City plummeted from the top flight. It proved that no club was “too good to go down” and set the scene for some intense local derbies in the Championship next season.

However, despite taking pleasure in their demise, I do feel sorry for the latest problems that the Blues are facing. Manager Alex McLeish is ready to turn his back on the club and looks set to sign with their arch rivals Aston Villa in a move that has understandably dismayed supporters of both clubs.

The Birmingham situation is no different to the intense football rivalries at other big cities such as Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester.  And it’s widely accepted in every case that you’ll be public enemy #1 if you leave one team and sign for your rivals.  Mo Johnston did it with Celtic and Rangers and look at the abuse he got.

The great thing is that Birmingham have now refused to accept McLeish’s resignation and are demanding compensation of up to £5 million if he joins Villa. Good for them.


This story is proof that a quick response sometimes isn’t enough to stop negative press on the world of social media. Delta Air Lines were forced to make a policy change and two public statements to manage the flow of negative comments after a video created by angry U.S. soldiers went viral. The airline had charged soldiers an extra $200 for each piece of extra luggage they brought back from Afghanistan. A comment in this article suggests it that the problem could have been avoided if the airline’s employees had taken the decision to waive the fee – is it really that simple? What could the airline have done differently to avoid the PR backlash? It’s strange to think that they havn’t had this problem in the past, but then again a soldier has probably never made a video about it.


Ex-footballer Lloyd Scott was sacked from his fundraising post with Action for Kids for failing to raise enough money for his efforts in the London Marathon – which he successfully completed dressed as Brian from The Magic Roundabout.  The charity worker had anticipated he’d raise around £100,000 for the cause, but only managed to gather £20,000.  However in the past Scott has successfully raised £5million for various charities and endured nose bleeds and vomiting in the process.  Action for Children claimed losses were incurred as a result of providing publicity and support for Mr Scott, who said he was unable to raise as much as he had hoped…..Maybe they shouldn’t look a gift snail in the mouth.