Five Sizzling Links On The Twenty First

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Within a few hours after the news broke of Reeva Steenkamp’s death, jokes concerning both Reeva and Oscar went viral on social networks.  Everyone must have heard the ‘Roses are Red….’ joke last week.  One that I missed however was a fake Nando’s advertisement stating, “We don’t shoot our chicks. We just flame grill them.”  This spread like wild fire with the South African chicken chain publicly denying that the advert was their doing.


Ever wished your man could smell like a new car, well if you have a spare £3,000  and don’t want to just buy a new car then you could get him to ‘splash’ the cash on Bentley’s latest product.
The luxury super brand has ventured into the lucrative market of male grooming by launching its first aftershave, a limited edition bottle shaped like the infamous ‘Flying B’ mascot.
However, if you your man is more banger than Bentley, at least he can have lavish hair, as they are also launching a shampoo and conditioner which isn’t quite as costly.
Now who wouldn’t want that?


Nivea recently pulled a PR stunt on unsuspecting members of the public in a German airport, creating a brief reality where they were tricked into thinking they were wanted for an unknown crime. Pictures were secretly taken while the oblivious passengers were sat waiting in the airport lounge, then an actor sits opposite them with a paper in hand with a front page splash of the villain and their supposed crime. A short time later another ‘fake report’ is aired on what would appear to be a special news broadcast, slowly people begin to realise this ‘criminal’ is in their company and the look of panic on the victim’s face is blatant. Before long more actors dressed as security approach the chosen victim with a case and ask if they are feeling stressed, then flip it open to reveal Nivea deodorant. Clever bit of PR work there, although the jury is still out on whether it’s fake or not.


This University learned the hard way why punctuation is so important. I always hate when people tweet or post a status on Facebook without proper grammar for no apparent reason. But this university seems to have forgotten how to construct a basic sentence entirely. Instead of asking Badger fans if THEY had time to kill, they asked people if THEY had time to kill Badger fans. This is why you need to put commas in the right place or face coming across as a violence-inducing University who wants to encourage the killings of their football players.


This spring sees a movie with a full blown two hour onslaught of death in all its variable glory. Sold out at the Glasgow Film Festival this week, the film features the work of 26 directors and following the alphabet –  26 ways of being blasted to the other side. The idea is simple, a range of international genre filmmakers were allocated a letter of the alphabet, $5,000 and complete freedom to film death to suit their morbid taste. There’s a whole catalogue on YouTube for the letter T, one of which is titled Time with victims having to speak repeatedly at the instructional flash of a neon sign. If they fail their head becomes mincemeat. I watched that before I nodded off but somehow still had a nice dream about cats and a monkey. This is set to be twisted but for you gore fans, undoubtedly pleasurable.
Why not assemble your gang of pals and allocate a letter and see what sickness they’d come up with…