Five Riotous Web Links From The Holyrood Team


Five Riotous Web Links From The Holyrood Team


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A new twitter feed which claims to contain tweets from the elevator at Vogue’s headquarters has become an internet hit in just three days. Nobody knows who is behind the tweets which give a fascinating and hilarious insight into the world’s biggest fashion publisher – Conde Nast but so far over 30,000 twitter users are following the site which is pretty impressive. Some of the tweets that followers can look forward to at @CondeElevator include; “Fashion Girl Fl 12: Do these shoes make me look like I have cankles? Fashion Guy: No, they just have really fat straps.” as well as charms such as “Girl: Omigod what happened to your knee?! Fashion boy: Oh god, I fell dancing! Girl: Omigod it’s like you came back from the war.” Even the legendary Anna Wintour herself makes an appearance in the tweets, although none of her dialogue has been reported so far. The tweets have created more interest in the magazine house over the past few days and the impression of image obsessed, body conscious, success driven individuals which the feed gives, is something that is not hidden but rather embraced by the magazine. As long as they continue to stay positive and do not feature any derogatory comments about the editor in chief then who ever is behind them, could just escape a sacking!


There are more than a few animals in the world’s zoos that would no doubt like to escape their enclosures and make a break for freedom. So they’ll no doubt be looking on enviously at this feathered Manhattan escapee who has been caught on camera after a daring breakout.This peacock was discovered by passers-by perched on a skyscraper ledge after flying out of its enclosure at Manhattan’s zoo and created quite a stir on the pavement below – as passers-by took photos and videos of the precariously positioned animal. It’s now become a bit of a YouTube hit, presumably among New York’s legions of peacock-lovers. Zoo keepers are now waiting for the bird to fly down from its perch and return to its closure of its own accord, but have said that they’ll come and reclaim it if necessary. Spoilsports.


A student at St Andrews University has made a scientific breakthrough which means that the possibility of creating a cloak of invisibility just like the one famed in the Harry Potter books and movies, could be closer than ever before. 22 year old Janos Perczel, discovered that by slowing down light by way of an optical illusion it can appear as though objects are not really there allowing people to move undetected across a variety of backgrounds. Here comes the science….the illusion evolves around the invisible sphere which slow the light rays down and bends them round the object, making it appear invisible rather like the way water travels over rocks and stones. Great stuff now let hope their closer to inventing floo powder, making it easier to get to work in the morning!


When blogger James Cridland decided to try using Google Maps to chronicle riot hotspots as trouble flared across English cities, he encountered some unexpected problems. Having spent many years as a journalist, I fully understand the challenges when trying to verigy sources. Our traditional media is regularly criticised for lapses in this regard. In fact, in the world of real time news, our main broadcasters and newspapers still do a fantastic job of verifying what they report. The original romantic notions about social media and its power to change the media and encourage citizen journalism enjoyed a long honeymoon period. Without a doubt these tools are a fantastic step forward. Many people predicted the end of journalism, and the main channels have certainly struggled to make money in this new environment. But I’ve always doggedly believed the core skills of journalism – like verifying sources in difficult conditions – will ensure it survives, despite the current, bumpy conditions.


This video of a rather brazen seagull taking part in the looting appeared on Youtube yesterday and it shows the sneaky bird entering a shop mid riot and then leaving seconds later with a packet of Doritos in its beak. Watch him as he slowly enters the shop, even looking round to see if he is being watched, snatches his loot and then runs as fast as his little bird legs can carry him – brilliant! Amidst all the doom and gloom it provides something which we can all laugh at – let’s hope it becomes a Youtube hit!