Five Rays of Holyrood Sunshine


Five Rays of Holyrood Sunshine


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Don’t you hate it when a perfectly good photograph is ruined by someone jumping in and pulling a face behind you? It can be annoying – but also very funny. Some magazines even have a page dedicated to reader’s ruined photos being sent in. But we mere mortals are definitely not as good at having our photos ruined as celebrities – as this compilation proves.


My flatmate is trying to cure himself of his fear of spiders before he goes to Australia. With the best of intentions, I don’t know if he could have done what Aled Hayden Jones, producer of The Chris Moyles Show, did this morning when he endured a Chilean Rose Spider crawling up his arm!

This week has been fear-themed for the breakfast show team. Each day saw a member presented with a challenge to overcome their fear to win a grand prize tailor made for them.

So listen again to this week’s shows and see if you could complete all the challenges. Or more importantly, have a think about what you really fear and how you could overcome it.


Have you ever judged a man by the size of his wallet?, In four years this will literally not be possible. Now that Paypal has over 100 million registered users, the president of Paypal has declared that people will gradually prefer to leave their wallets at home and make more payments over the phone and on the internet.

This is an interesting notion, what with so much press about the protection of our digital identities and protecting our information. And with some men still thinking having a designer wallet means something, they’ll have fewer things to flash about when out on the town. Come on ladies, it takes more than that to impress us these days!


An author’s new book has stormed straight to the top of the best seller lists an astonishing 12 months before it is due to be published – thanks to the power of social media. John Green posted a tweet with the name of his new book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ on his twitter page as was met with such a positive response , that he promised to sign all pre-ordered copies of the book and the entire first print run sold out in a matter of hours. It’s a shining example of how social media can help promote a brand or product and it doesn’t appear to be a fluke for the author, as he has his finger firmly on the social media pulse. Green harnessed the initial interest of his followers, asking them to suggest possible turns the story could take, as well as posting a series of videos, which include chapter readings and one of him jumping for joy on hearing his best seller news. Let’s just hope the book is everything it’s been tweeted to be!


The long awaited Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was released into cinemas this week. After having a teaser trailer online for a good while now that reveals very little, there has been a mixed response from reviewers and film fans. Some feel there is very little plot, but others say Transformers is more about the action and the machines than Shia Leboeuf’s role as the young Sam Witwicky. If you are a die-hard Michael Bay fan, you’ll be glad to know there are a lot of explosions and machine fighting and, of course, Optimus Prime is a given. However, the film has come under fire for somehow lasting longer than 2 and a half hours with little story to tell.

So if you’re going to the cinema this weekend, maybe slip a cushion into your bag, just in case!