Five Peas from the Holyrood PR Pod


Five Peas from the Holyrood PR Pod


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The story of the Vancouver riots has been covered by the world’s media after the scale, violence and destruction of the rioters shocked the globe. Various videos and photographs are evidence of the events that unfolded and the devastating remains of what has been left – but this 3D interactive video gives a greater understanding of the grand scale of the chaos and lets you feel like you were in the middle of the crowds. It’s amazing how much destruction and violence erupted over the result of a hockey game, and although this video is very clever, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the riots shouldn’t have taken place in the first place.


There’s no doubt there will come a day when the machines finally shake free from their human overlords and take over the Earth. At least, that’s what films like the Matrix, Bladerunner and Battlestar Galactica have told us.

However, it seems like the South Koreans are really keen on making this sci-fi apocalypse a reality after unveiling KIRO – a special robot that is helping to teach kindergarten pupils.

On the one hand, this represents a groundbreaking step in the future of robotics and could herald the start of these machines being rolled out in schools and other public service arenas across the continent. On the other hand, it’s a freaking robot teaching kids, which is terrifying any way you look at it.

Apparently this is just the latest step in a Korean experiment to integrate robots into their classrooms, which suggests that scientists in the Far East are getting paid to have a laugh while their newly-intelligent machines slowly wait for the right moment to strike. The horror…


For all those who know him as Neo, or as the crazy cop from Speed or from the not quite as well-known Constantine, Keanu Reeves is now an author.

Yes, Keanu Reeves’s sadness is really a source of humour in his newly published children’s book for adults. However, it may not go well with everyone’s cup of tea with lines such as ‘I draw a hot sorrow bath’ while using his “regret shampoo” and “pain soap”. The book uses a poem written by the Matrix star. Each page is a single line partnered with an illustration created by friend and artist Alexandra Grant.

The book is seen by some as a confirmation of Reeves’s online reputation for being unhappy and depressed, but he denied having this persona on BBC Breakfast last week. The internet conception that he is gloomy includes a “Cheer up Keanu” Facebook campaign that was launched after a picture was taken of the private star alone on a bench.

Here’s hoping his next book will be about rainbows, sunshine and fluffy bunnies…,57738/


For those of you who don’t regularly listen to this great podcast – now is your chance to start! And what a perfect time it is to start as well as this week Scott Douglas and Peter Laing discuss the scandal that rocked the BBC as they had to apologise to Primark over staged filming during their award winning Panorama show, which suggested the retailer where using child labour to create garments. The guys present two very different sides to the story through their own views and those of Roy Greenslade and Tom Mangold as well as discussing Alex Salmond’s Scottish journalism faux pas and whether or not 3D TV has a future. So find a quiet half an hour and give your ears some pleasure and your mid some food for thought!


We’ve all had a stab at jobs we were probably not cut out to do.  For instance, I fancied myself as a waitress many moons ago, but quickly realised that I had a fundamental problem that would hinder any career I was likely to have in the catering industry.  I had a slight phobia about picking up used plates and cutlery.  When I say slight phobia, I mean holding back a wretch kind of stuff.  However I moved into a completely different sector, avoiding mashed up food and dishwashing.  But what if you’re born to do something and can’t fulfil your destiny like this Ci, the border collie.  He was born to lead a life of managing sheep, but instead he spends his days being chased around the fields by his flock.