Five Of The Fourteenth’s Finest Links


Five Of The Fourteenth’s Finest Links


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There are a lot of “best images of the year” type of lists going round just now, but here’s one with a difference. The Guardian has showcased some of the most iconic images from 2011 that have been recreated in Lego form by artistic web users. The images were collated from a special flickr account, which saw famous pics such as the wedding of Wills & Kate, the Occupy movement and the Libya uprising meticulously created out of Lego bricks and figures. Not quite as outstanding as the brilliant Lego bible, but a great effort nonetheless.


The original ‘Jesus Christ in Richmond Park’ video featuring a disobedient doggy with a penchant for deer has now been viewed the world over and has spurred a number of spoofs, including Chariots of Fenton, Jurassic Fenton and Braveheart Fenton.
And now this rascal of a black Labrador is set to enter the music charts, with a bid for the UK Christmas Number One to rival whatever rubbish the X Factor churn out.
Bouncy synthesized beats are interspersed with expertly timed barks and sound clips from the video.
It’s a real gem which definitely gets my vote for the festive charts top spot.


Many actors take their roles very seriously and want to embody their character mentally and physically. This gallery in the telegraph shows many different Hollywood Heavyweights who have either lost weight or gained weight for their film roles. It includes pictures of Christian Bale painfully thin after losing weight for his film The Machinist in 2004 and on the other end of the spectrum it shows Tom Hardy after piling on three stone whilst working on his film Bronson. An honorable mention has to go to Renée Zellweger when playing the wonderful Bridget Jones! Check out the stars here….


Grizzly bears are not known for their politeness and have been linked with attacks in the wild, so it was a surprise when one of these large beasts waved back at a little girl in a seven-second video which has gone viral on YouTube. The bear is sitting on his bum next to the fence when the girl decides to wave from her car only for the bear to return the gesture.  Apparently the recording is from an animal park in Washington called the Olympic Game Farm. This animal sanctuary is known for giving former animal performers a new home.


Clips of vulgarity on public transport are all creeping out the woodwork now! The latest is another lairy woman questioning a man’s ethnicity and stating he can’t be possibly be British! If she is the general standard of British then I’m all good love! What an idiot! The best part is when she attempts some sort of karate kick at the poor guy and doesn’t realise this activity probably isn’t suited to anyone over 15 stone and decks herself clean out!
Karma I tell you!