Five of the Best


Five of the Best


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New York psychotherapist Sarah White has built up a successful practice – and earned massive PR in the process – by stripping naked during sessions with her male client base.


Lighting firm Cree hit on a simple, yet effective way to demonstrate the practical benefits of its LED lights – although a bunny rabbit had to be a casualty in the exercise.

It placed two rabbits in an experiment – one under one of its LED lights and the other under a standard 65 Watt incandescent light.

About 90 minutes later, the bunny under the incandescent light melts since about 90 percent of energy from them is emitted as heat.

Cree says that if this can happen to a bunny, what is it doing to stuff in your home or produce in a supermarket.

And oh – it was a chocolate bunny…


Social networking giant facebook has launched a new series of ads, which create targeted adverts based around the actions and interactions of facebook users. So as an example you could be tweeting about having nothing to wear for a night out and then before you know an advert for a popular clothes chain promoting a 50% sale has appeared on your facebook page. I’ve never been a huge fan of facebook ads, as most which appear on my page don’t seem relevant to me personally, but if a series of clothes and shoes ads appeared then I may just be persuaded to click!


The interwebs have been ablaze with fury and ire after 13-year-old wannabe singer Rebecca Black posted a cheesy pop video of her first “single” on YouTube. Despite being barely a teenager – and having the recording session given to her as a birthday present from her parents – the reaction from many web and social media users towards her song Friday has been akin to the kind of vitriol usually directed at terrorists or child abusers.

Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker has used the furore as the basis for his latest think piece and asks why the web is an easy breeding ground for those who have nothing better to do than conduct a mass cyber-bullying of a 13 year old girl.


A journalist compares crimes writers to Scotland’s favourite tipples in this article – an interesting look at some of the best crime novels available, all according to a Scot writing for an American newspaper. It ties in with the news today that Barr have announced