Five Links to Like This Friday


Five Links to Like This Friday

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She’s been in the public eye for more than forty years yet she hasn’t aged. Her taste in fashion is timeless and she has a thing for frogs. Yes you’ve guessed it I’m talking about everyone’s favourite Muppet Miss Piggy. She’s back in the spotlight with the new Muppets film to be released in the New Year. Viewers will watch her reincarnated as editor of Vogue Paris which will see her strutting her stuff in Chanel and sporting the oh so cool Anna Wintour Bob. Get in the mood for the movie by browsing through Miss Piggy’s fashionable life.


In our fledgling childhood years, there was probably a point where many of us threatened to run away from home – but the furthest we ever got was a couple of streets away. However, there are a handful of kids throughout the years who not only successfully managed follow through on their threats of escape, but did so with phenomenal style. This list from shows six of the best, including a grand theft auto spree from a 9-year-old, a submarine stowaway and a teenage rampage across the whole globe. Just remember these wee terrors the next time you bemoan how difficult your own kids are being…


On occasion, we may indulge in a little too much hooch.  And as a result, we may do silly things and find ourselves in some rather bizarre situations. And in the morning, along with a cloudy head, we get the sudden realisation that we have done something ridiculous and suffer the resulting ‘fear’ for the rest of the day.  Or is that just me…? Well, anyway, this utter fruitcake from Brazil took things a little far, and decided that what he really wanted to do whilst under the influence of a few shandies was break into a zoo enclosure and play with the monkeys. These spider monkeys were far from friendly however, and were enraged at his intrusion.  Six of them swarmed him and began taking chunks out of his arm. He was eventually hauled out by zoo workers and may now face criminal charges. He must have ‘mega fear’.  And a sore arm. 


Well as the guys at Holyrood know I am off on a trip over the weekend and had to borrow a sat nav for my trip as I have never been past Dunfermline. This little boy certainly doesn’t have my problem as he has managed to remember every train and bus route in London, Paris and Manchester. Considering the size of these places this is pretty amazing! He also managed to get himself from his home in Manchester to Brittany France just by public transport. Autistic Luke is just 12 years old and has a fascination with trains. Let’s hope he can inspire me not to get lost on my trip!


It was the seventh annual Guinness World Records Day yesterday and it attracted a bevy of bizarre attempts at world record breaking! Some of the records include a giant pair of pants and a gathering of Leprechauns in Dublin and even more bizarrely a race for the fastest toilet and the smallest roadworthy vehicle. Wonder what wacky records they will come with for next year’s event?