Five Hobbits from the Holyrood Shire


Five Hobbits from the Holyrood Shire


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I rarely look for blogs, or read them when I do find them. But stumbling through links not really paying attention apparently has its rewards. Here is a gem of a blog story. Involving arguments, pink towels and a 5-foot tall metal chicken. It’s simple, yet comic brilliance. So if you fancy a laugh after a long week, make sure you’re sitting down preferably on a sofa, maybe with a glass of wine or nice cuppa and read on, my friend. I dare you not to laugh….


I know this year’s Glastonbury line up had a throw back to past music generations with Morrissey and The Chemical Brothers among some of the biggest acts announced – but I didn’t expect it to attract older fans. A dedicated OAP struggled through the mud with a zimmer frame on wheels yesterday at the Festival which is held at Worthy Farm. If her simply being there wasn’t cool enough, check out her pink wellies – this is one Nanna who knows how to show the young ones how to rock!


It’s easily one of the most turbulent productions ever, but after numerous script changes, director walk-outs and funding problems, The Hobbit is finally on-track.

 The Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy was such a commercial and critical hit, it was thought inevitable that JRRR Tolkien’s earlier book about Bilbo Baggins’ adventures would get the movie treatment. At one point Mexican mentalist Guillermo Del Toro was in the frame to direct the eagerly-anticipated film and the interwebs were afflux with speculation on everything from casting to locations. But when a studio battle over the rights to the movie was launched, few dared to dream that the production would actually see the light of day.

Thankfully, though, fans of Middle Earth have now been granted the proof that their beloved book is actually being filmed at last. Rings director Peter Jackson is back in the chair, the Office star Martin Freeman has been cast as Bilbo, Ian McKellan’s back as Gandalf – and these first set pictures are cast-iron proof that The Hobbit is definitely coming.

Granted, the book has inexplicably been split into two films and the first of these won’t even be out until next Christmas, but it’s a start…

SIT BOY, SIT! (Andrea)

Go to this website to command a dog to do little tricks – from rolling over, to begging and barking, this little chap will keep you entertained so you get all the fun from a dog without all the cleaning up poop or taking it for walks.


Are you a BBC Breakfast fan with Sian and Charlie on the sofa? Or do you prefer the calming sounds of James Naughtie on Radio 4? Well, over the past week The Guardian has been mulling these intriguing questions and putting together the blog ‘The battle of the breakfast shows’.

So even if you are a tv-over-radio fan, maybe step out of your comfort zone and have a listen. Or try a show you’ve never heard of before!