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This website has been dedicated to people whose cats look like Hitler – strange but true. The main body of the website is made up of people sending in pictures of their unfortunate looking felines, but the website creators understand that some people might find this offensive and have let them have their own section to rant and rave. Weirdly, there’s even a shop for you to buy logo t-shirts and bags. That’s not something you would rush to buy is it?


The DRUM has a great article which explains the power behind social media – an everyday email conversation between two guys makes the headlines and a photo of a house comes back the 70-year-old owner who doesn’t even know what Twitter is. It’ll give you a chuckle if nothing else.


Facebook is a great resource for people wanting to connect with friends, follow their favourite bands or join a group that they’re interested in. Aside from the ongoing controversy over privacy settings, the strongest or most riling you’re likely get on its pages is debating the merits of chubby faced “funnyman” Michael McIntyre.

But Facebook has been left red-faced after a page calling for a new Palestinian uprising against Israel attracted more than 350,000 followers. The Third Palestinian Intifada page was eventually shut down by Facebook amid fears that it was promoting violence – but not before a PR backlash. Oops.


We all know how fast Google is as search engine. Type in what you are looking for and the search engine typically brings back thousands of relevant results in a fraction of a second. But over at Google HQ in Silicon Valley (known as the Googleplex) staff enjoy speed of another sort – with mindblowingly fast internet connections. As this article points out, fast enough to download an entire HD movie in minutes. Is this the future we can all look forward to?


So following the news that social media is taking over the news, what if it’s taking over your life too? This little cartoon strip is a perfect check-list to see if you’re social media exploits are indeed, consuming you to the max.