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So, Victoria – our resident animal obsessive – came in this morning with a newspaper article to hang alongside the semi naked rugby player currently in pride of place on the wall next to her desk, featuring the friendship between a dog and a lamb (the dog feeds the lamb with a baby bottle). On further inspection of web based sources, namely buzzfeed, I discovered a whole list of odd but cute animal/human friendships, and for any animal lovers out there, this is for you. My favourites are either the baby deer or the baby sloth. Hmm, maybe Victoria is not the sole obsessive in the office.​


If you have not heard of Gangnam Style, or anyone talking about it, then where have you been? The catchy Korean song has become an instant worldwide hit with it reaching number one in the Americas and Australasia. For those who haven’t seen the video, check out the link below. However, one angry individual has turned to YouTube to vent his anger about how he feels about how his proud American culture is being brainwashed by Korean music. I think he is the only person not to like the song, so I don’t think rapper Psy will be worrying.

Here is Gangnam Style: 
Angry Boy:


As always when the CEO’s of our beloved social networking sites make any changes to the interface of the site there is outcry and thousands upon thousands of status updates protesting against the changes. So brace yourself for more of the same at the back end of the year as Twitter announced yesterday a raft of updates that will change the layout of your profile and put more emphasis on images. Avatar photos will resemble ‘cover photos’ and the revamp is aimed at allowing Twitter to ‘come alive’ to those using the iPad app. Now, I’ve warned you that changes are coming, so no complaining when it does!​


As Pinterest becomes an ever more popular social platform, many companies are using it to engage with consumers on a daily basis. The latest campaign from Volvo uses Pinterest to promote the new Volvo S60 T5 AWD by encouraging consumers to create a pin board of images of their ideal road trips. These all fall into different categories including road trip stops, road trip final destination, road trip outfit and road trip music. The three pin boards which have the most followers by the end of the promotion will win the car as well as their dream road trip funded by Volvo. Pretty cool!

KITTEN-CAM (Victoria)

If you read our High Five on ‘Cat-Roulette’ last week then you will surely love ‘The Kitten Cam’ – because who doesn’t love kittens? Although strictly a dog person, even I can think this is very sweet.Like ‘Cat-Roulette’ the aim of this is to highlight the plight of animals in need of adoption, and the moggies featured in the live video stream are currently looking for new homes.Run by organisation, The Pet Collective, the 24/7 live stream features the mother cat, MilkMilk with her litter of four one month old kittens.This will surely take you from gloom to glee! ​