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Five for Friday


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Adidas has left nothing much to chance in its latest ad – bringing in sports/fashion icon David Beckham, the world’s best footballer Lionel Messi and pop superstar Katy Perry in the one video.

Adidas says it wanted to package all of its genres into one powerful message so to communicate that the brand Adidas is ‘all in’ and ready to do ‘battle with passion, heart, and inclusion’. Just for yourself if this is marketing genius or just one marketeer’s perfect dream come true.


A major record label has stopped selling single CDs and vinyls after figures revealed that singles make up less than 1% of total weekly sales. Mercury announced that they’ll only release a single when in demand – like the X Factor or for charity. What does this mean for the future? Historic or award-winning singles you found on your iPod being put up for auction?


The cheeky model who has done more than anyone to get behind tennis – or rather get her behind behind tennis – has been revealed. Fiona Walker was the girl who starred in the iconic 1976 Tennis Girl poster from Athena, at one time the best selling print in the world. Fiona, who was 18 at the time and was convinced by her photographer boyfriend to pose, has chosen to come forward as the poster takes centre stage in an art exhibition in Birmingham.


The Metro has released a series of out of this world images that occurred on Google Earth after a glitch in their technology left some of the world’s most famous road structures looking like they had melted against the landscape. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has been left looking like it has been flattened against the water and the Hoover Dam Bypass appears to have caved into the Earth. The error happened after the 2-D images failed to extrapolate onto the 3-D backgrounds and Google’s team of web geeks are currently working to resolve the problem. For the mean time however they do make for some pretty impressive art scapes.


As the UK supermarket war escalates, it seems each one is trying their absolute best to out do its competitor. Tesco’s latest plan to refund double the difference if shoppers find products cheaper elsewhere, however, has somewhat backfired. Shoppers have been bragging online that they are making a killing on the amount of refunds, to the point where Tesco has capped the amount at £20. As one Asda manager says in the story, if you’re going to claim you’re the cheapest, you’d better be.