Five Emotional Pieces of News


Five Emotional Pieces of News


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Around 400 people stripped down to their birthday suits at the weekend in a bid to smash a world record, but the picture doesn’t bring thoughts of pride to mind.  On first sight of the 400 oversized posteriors running along a Welsh beach makes me think that the term “skinny dipping” is outdated, and needs to be brought into the 21st century.  Perhaps we should change it to a politically correct curvy dipping.  Or just go straight for the jugular and call it Wales dipping in honour of the location where this world record breaking attempt took place.  Naked Wales, we commend you.


A Danish band – WhoMadeWho – has accompanied their latest single with a music video showing a number of grown men crying. Not wanting their fans to feel left out, they’ve also set up a website which allows others to submit their own videos of themselves crying along to the song. It’s uncomfortable to watch, but if you want to join in, just think of something that makes you sad, then film yourself crying your heart out. A good example of a band attempting to interact with their fans here – imagine the future possibilities? Lady Gaga asking her fans to film themselves attempting to walk in those ridiculous heels of hers, without breaking their neck? Game on.


We lead busy lives, our time divided between work, home and family. Sometimes taking a moment to sit can be hard to find. Put a note in your diary for February next year, as The Muppets are back! 2012 will see Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the motley crew reunited in a feature film. The official trailer has just been released after a string of spoof versions have been hinting at a superhero parody. So start reminiscing about your favourite muppet, because it’s sure to get your dad humming the theme and you trying to remember which one you preferred and why…

 ‘It’s time to play the music,

  It’s time to light the lights,

  It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!’


Thousands of people have been kicked off a website specifically for beautiful people as a glitch in the screening process meant anyone could join even god forbid – ugly people! puts its members through a rigorous screening process in which wannabe members are rated on their looks and only once they are deemed beautiful enough are they then allowed membership status. Thanks to a virus dubbed ‘The Shrek’ virus this screening process was brought down last month and 30,000 people were allowed access to the site only to be told weeks later that they weren’t beautiful enough and were subsequently banished. Imagine your horror logging in to talk to your beautiful friends to discover that you were no longer allowed to speak to them. Needless to say the website owners have apologised for the glitch which allowed ‘ugly’ people to believe “…albeit it for a short while that they were beautiful” What is slightly more alarming is that the UK currently holds the highest rejection levels than any other country – so bang goes our memberships then.


Digital cameras, Polaroid, disposable, black and white film. Styles in photography have certainly changed since 1840. But a group of British artists and photographers have gone one step further.  By using the original Victorian wet plate collodion method with modern settings and styles. Seeing everyday modern people in hoodies and jeans in a monochrome and old-fashioned setting certainly turns conceptions of style, art and modernity on its head. These 26 prints show a collections of subjects from the artists themselves to models and landscapes, all in a style of yester-year.

The display is at the Arts Bank in Saltburn-By-The-Sea from 2nd–  29th July with hands-on demonstrations and expert talks available.