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Carpineto a leading Italian food brand, has become one of the first food brands to use QR or Quick Response codes on their labels allowing users with smart phones to scan in the code and access a wealth of nutritional information, as well as recipe and cooking ideas. The move comes after the team at Carpineto recognised the immediate engagement that the technology offers to customers. The technology was invented in Japan and has been a big hit so far in the social media world although the only concern with the codes is that not many people really know what they are for and how to use them. But with more and more companies recognising their immediate benefits it seems that they could become a permanent fixture and change the way we label products and advertise our products/services in the not so far off future. For now though, those of us still in the dark ages without a smart phone will have to make do with the traditional traffic light labelling system which somehow now doesn’t seem as exciting!


A mirror has been created that allows women to try out hundreds of different make up looks before they buy. This article is written by a journalist who goes to test the new looking glass to find out what looks grand and what looks drab. Apparently it’s not got as far as to tell you what the texture of the product will be like or if it’ll be easy to apply, but it’s a start. A truthful, money saving mirror – what more could a girl want?


As breathtaking stunts go, this one is pretty bonkers – hence why it is quietly trending on YouTube. BASE jumping – the practice of parachuting from low objects like buildings, antennae, spans (bridges), and earth (cliffs) – is already a popular subject on the video sharing site. But few jumps can have seen the death-defying, buzz-chasing leapers flying at enormous speeds no more than 10ft above the ground.


For all of us who have raged, rowed and gone plain radge over voice recognition systems that can’t pick up a Scottish accent (or even just a simple No 11 spoke slowly), here’s a sketch to make you smile.

Please companies, stop using these and give us real people to speak to….


The Diet Coke break adverts which hit our T.V screens in the 1990’s was a big hit amongst us ladies – fantasising about taking a break in the office whilst a topless man with unbelievably sculpted pecs paraded around in front of us became a highlight of the working day and the ad become one of the most iconic of all time. Now however Diet Coke has taken a different approach with their latest PR campaign aimed at targeting young girls and chosen instead to focus on sparkle and fashion rather than sex. Under the guidance of Lexis PR, Diet Coke hired jewellery designer Johnny Rocket and crystal company Swarovoski to launch a ‘piece of fashion history’ and create bespoke crystal tattoos for a series of original Diet Coke bottles. The bottles were then sold at Selfridges and sold out within a matter of days thanks to a highly targeted PR campaign driven by social media as well as traditional media. The results of the campaign can be seen and is a perfect example of how an integrated PR campaign can work to meet and exceed client expectations.—Crystal-designs-Diet-Coke-sparkle/