Five Colourful Web Links For Wednesday


Five Colourful Web Links For Wednesday

High Five

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Just to get you right in the Christmas mood, since its only 13 days until the big day I’ve decided to share this awesome link which features the best gingerbread houses on the planet. Not only is there a ginger bread tiki beach house but there is also ginger bread trailer, a stadium and an Eiffel tower. If only you could taste them, damn!


London fish monger by day YouTube sensation and indeed Xfactor reject by night, Muhammad Shahid Nazir has officially released his much anticipated debut single, One Pound Fish. The musical genius has been signed by Warners and will fight against Xfactor winner for the coveted Christmas No. 1 spot. Nazir shot to fame earlier this year when working on a market stall selling fish, he created his sensational tune to grab passing trade. Indeed the song has already become the stuff of legend and a viral sensation, but will it make the Christmas no. 1?Yet another fantastic example of the powers of social media.


In the style of British Airways’ summer viral campaign, whereby users could submit their address and see a Boeing 777 taxi down their street, Stella Artois has released a very clever personalised digital Christmas greeting.Starring British actress Alice Eve, who many men would undoubtedly would love to see wrapped under their Christmas tree, the interactive feature has been released as a Facebook app with the help of Google Maps and Street View.After submitting your address, Alice hops in a cab and heads round to your house, with glances of your local area cleverly shown in the taxi windows.Definitely one for the chaps but hugely novel for the ladies too, and I absolutely love the 60s vibe of this.A must see!


So, a wee bit of PR geekiness this morning, but don’t hold it against me, we all are all entitled to lapses in taste. It turns out that 2012 saw more social interaction on behalf of not-for profit organisations that ever before.  Based on statistics from a number of non-profit advocacy groups, MDG Advertising’s infographic reflects a world of newfound potential for rallying people online for social good. This new found reliance on social media on behalf of not-for profits is understandable as Facebook, Twitter and other networks are where the eyeballs are at, giving these organisations their best shot at getting folks to part with their hard-earned cash.​


This is not about one of the best kid cererals. Oh no. It’s about another type of nugget which until now has been a bit less aesthetically pleasing.Faeces. Poo. Jobbies. Whatever your term of choice is, now you can pop a pill into a sparkly delight.They’re not cheap though, $425 to be exact but apparently they are ‘currently unavailable’ for the wealthy who fancied filling their stockings. One for the more avid scat fans perhaps.