Five Building Blocks of Holyrood Joy


Five Building Blocks of Holyrood Joy


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Like TV presenter James May, I’m a big fan of Lego bricks. As far as I’m concerned, the simple blocks are one of the greatest inventions in the history of toys and, given the chance and money, I would happily follow the Top Gear star’s lead and build a house out of them.

I’m also a big Star Wars fan and have been ever since I was a young ‘un (despite the god-awful prequels). So therefore, anything that combines the building bricks and the galaxy far, far away is – in my view – the greatest thing ever.

All of which brings me to this forthcoming set which is shortly to be released by Lego – The Super Star Destroyer. A four-foot long, 3000+ piece behemoth weighing 8 pounds. More than enough awesome to make my inner 7-year-old weep in pain for not having access to it back in the 80s.

However, with a $400 price tag, I’d never have been able to afford it back then. I probably couldn’t even justify it now…


Now here’s a somewhat revolutionary idea. In a world of adverts, posters and billboards, a company has come across a slightly different way to catch the eye of the passer-by. T-post is a Swedish company that, since February 2004, have selected a current news items each month – either local or international – and had an artist interpret the design for them. This limited edition print is reproduced according to the number of website subscribers. Each a new and unique t-shirt is based on a wide range of stories, from hot political topics such as the death penalty to the recent popularity of miniature pets. Look around the website and see if you can find a single issue you don’t want to own!


Every day DRUM magazine online features an advert of the day and last week featured a cracking entry from the creative team at Chemistry in Dublin who came up with this genius ad for Irish soft drink Club Orange. Perfectly targeting the Irish male audience the tongue and cheek innuendo of bits for ‘tits’ and oranges for breasts creates a fantastic ad which is chocked full of innuendos – ‘how do we know if our bits are fresh? Well we squeeze them of course!’ If that doesn’t get the male population of Ireland buying the drink by the bucket loads I don’t know what will. And after all that talk of bits I’ve a strong craving for a rock shandy….


This blog is for anyone and everyone who would like to find out something new, every single day of the week. All the content is handpicked and there’s not much on there that isn’t interesting and that you wouldn’t want to share with your friends. Who knew that a shaved guinea pig looks like a baby hippo? And have you ever thought about what the view would be like from a hula hoop’s perspective? Thought not – well, now you can find out! A little gold mine of interesting stuff.


Imagine nipping out for a quick bit to eat and ending up 4,000 miles from home.  Well that is a reality for this 10 month old Antartic Emperor penguin.  This poor bird managed to take a wrong turn while out fishing for squid in his native Antarctica and washed up in New Zealand of all places.  Apparently this is extremely rare as the last Emperor sighting in the area was over 44 years ago, which means the little penguin will have no mates in the close vicinity.  What i don’t like about this story is that authorities say that he will need to find his own way home if he is to survive.  Now, is that any way to treat a handsome guest?  They should ship the wee soul back and thank him for visiting because let’s face it….he’s been dynamite for their tourism PR machine.