Five Bargins In A Holyrood Sale


Five Bargins In A Holyrood Sale


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IF YOU HAD £8,000… (Eleanor)

Would you save it? Spend it? Invest it? These are all valid ideas, of course. But apparently the real question is about the how. Behold… two Pez sweet dispensers that have recently fetched £8,000 at auction. Okay, u-huh. You’re right to wait for the penny to drop for these are no ordinary Pez sweet dispensers, oh no. They are special themed dispensers with the heads of William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And that is just the beginning of this collection of ‘barmy buys’ collated by the industrious Emma McFarnon at The Independent. Have a look through and all will be revealed. Used tissue, anyone?

SKY SHARKS? (Pamela)

Many surfers claim to be fearless. Loving nothing more than being at one with the waves.   However I would imagine that this particular surfer is now thinking twice before he grabs his board and heads into the water following a close call with a ‘sky shark’ (yes, that’s what I like to call it).  While he was happily riding the waves at Florida’s New Symrna Beach, a shark burst out the surf and flew over his head, diving back in to the water a few feet behind him.  Now, I can safely say that will never happen to me for I am not, at any time, at one with nature in the sea.  Fair enough, this particular shark looks like an obese trout, but it’s big enough to keep people like me out of the sea.


Tired of searching through the sale section of numerous clothing websites? Well this website does your shopping for you – a virtual personal shopper, if you will. “Shop It To Me” finds sales on your favourite brands in your size, for free. You just say what department you’re looking for and what size and the rest is simple shopping. Who knew that existed?


I read this last night and my eyes popped in amazement at the sheer lunacy of this long-forgotten Aztec sport. Seriously, the Mesoamerican ballgame is something that even the Romans would think is a bit over-the-top.

Not only was the game a display of macho bravado, but it also sounds like one of the most bloodthirsty pastimes ever invented. Kind of like a cross between quidditch and UFC, it saw beefy Mexican warriors hurling a 10lb leather ball against each others’ pelvises and involved more death and destruction than most Medieval wars. On occasion, the game was actually even used as a way of settling skirmishes – with opposing tribes sending in their biggest and bravest athletes to compete in front of a baying crowd thirsty for blood and gore.

The next time you hear someone wax lyrical about how rugby or Aussie Rules football is the hardest game in the world, just explain the Mesoamerican ball game to them to prove how wrong they are.

A FISHY TALE (Eleanor)

How big do you think a tuna is? Before today, I would have guessed maybe normal fish size, my arm span maximum maybe. That was until I saw this picture today of a tuna caught off of Jeju Island this week. When it was delivered to a Seoul restaurant, it took more than eight men to carry it and cost the restaurant 23 million won (£23,600). I’m not sure if I’ll be able to look at a tuna steak in quite the same way again.