by Ross Stebbing

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Edinburgh PR agency share their top five tips for event success

Sodexo-Prestige-Venues-and-Events-Pictures-for-web-13Events are the perfect way to illustrate your brand – bringing like minded people together, and telling your story in a visual and attractive way.

However, for many, the organisation process can be terrifyingly daunting – from canapés to guest lists, and itineraries to gift bags there are many factors to consider.

And now more than ever, the whole world of “event planning” has been turned on its head, with businesses and organisations becoming increasingly familiar with the fact that social media is a prerequisite rather than an additional marketing tool.

Gone are the days when an eye catching theme, dress code and arty accessories was enough to turn your event from zero to hero, you now have to set yourself up with a digitally savvy strategy to ensure it’ll be alright on the night.

And if you’re still getting to grips with social media in itself, and reading this daunts you already then fear not, as we’ve come with the perfect five-minute guide to give you some top tips (and examples) of how you can ensure your event is digitally-savvy success.

1) The Rise of The E-invite Food and drink PR experts Holyrood PR designed this media invite for restaurant relaunch party
With an expanding number of new and exciting social networks emerging on a regular basis, what better way to promote and pitch to your target audience? Not only is an e-invite perfect for your corporate social responsibility and eco friendly status (no paper necessary) but it is also quicker to create, and faster to distribute.

After all who has time for stamps and envelopes?


2) Full Blogger Outreach
PR agency in Edinburgh show why bloggers events are essential
Don’t discount the lifestyle, fashion and foodie bloggers of the world – singularly some of these start ups may only be generating hundreds of unique views a month however on the other end of the spectrum some of the most accustomed bloggers and vloggers (Zoella anyone?) are hitting the hundreds of millions, dancing circles around the audience figures of most national papers – probably combined. And even on a smaller scale, chances are the city you live in has a network of content-hungry bloggers looking for the next big product launch, or venue, to tweet about. Our very own @Edinburghblogg is the perfect example of this.


3) Focused Hashtag to Drive The Brand Message PR agency in Edinburgh highlight the importance of social media for events

One of the most important parts – if you’re going to put yourself through all the time and effort it takes to create an event then make sure you find a way to create measurement for the results.

And what better way to do this by creating a designating hashtag – or even using some lateral thinking and syncing your brand to a relevant hashtag that might have recently trended.

Not only does this bring your brand message to further and broader audiences – but it also allows you to monitor and evaluate the success of your event. Crucial!


4) Syncing Merchandise Back to Social Media
Never let leave your guests empty handed.
As a way of saying thanks for taking time out of their own busy schedules to support your event – always make sure guests are left with something to remember you by. This is also a perfect way to make sure your brand isn’t just a one night stand – with potential for the merchandise you hand out to make its way around a variety of key influencers, movers and shakers – after all, word of mouth travels fast.

Go one step further too and make sure your chosen hashtag (see point 3) is the focal design of whatever gift you choose to hand out! Branded pens are a winner.

5) Photo Sharing
Award winning PR agency
And finally… who doesn’t love a good photo? With the meteoric rise of local photobooth companies why not take advantage of the endless thousands of people you could reach by letting your guests share some (potentially embarrassing) snaps with their friends and followers. This also works particularly well at the end of a champagne-fuelled awards ceremony (see below)…





And also be sure to check out some of our biggest event successes to date:

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