Fish Plant To Hook 600 For Jobs In Rosyth

Meridian Salmon Group Press releases

Fish Plant To Hook 600 For Jobs In Rosyth

Meridian Salmon Group Press releases

Meridian SalmonDunfermline Press covers Meridian Salmon’s new job-catching move

About 600 new jobs will be created when Meridian Salmon open’s the largest fish processing plant in the UK in Rosyth by the end of this year.

Mark Warrington, the managing director of Meridian Salmon, addressed the Rosyth Community Council meeting in Parkgate Community Centre in front of more than 60 people.

Mark said: “We reckon we will start off with 300-plus employees, but we will probably double that over a timescale of a few years.

“I know there’s been frustration locally, but the scale of what we are doing here shouldn’t be underestimated. When it’s finished it will be the biggest facility of its kind in the UK by a long way.”

The plant will have state-of-the-art feature and include a hatchery as well as a fish processing centre to ensure the highest quality product with full traceability.

West Fife has been in need of a jobs boost following the loss of 700 jobs in 2006 by the inkjet cartridge manufacturer, Lexmark.

The chair of Rosyth Community Council, Mike Shirkie was more than happy to receive Mark, and stated his beliefs that Meridian salmon will enhance the reputation of Scottish products as well as improve the local infrastructure.

The new factory will supply fish products world-wide, with a focus on UK and French markets.

Staff from the parent company Morpol, which has two huge production facilities in Poland, are expected to help train the new Rosyth employees, but the new positions will not be filled with Polish individuals. 

Finally, Mark assured concerned citizens that the factory would not produce a foul odour due to fish or smoke. 

Meridian Salmon Group is one of the top five salmon farming companies in Scotland, employing 350 people. It operates at 59 sea sites and eight freshwater sites across Scotland and Cumbria. Its investment and planned expansion in production is particularly crucial in Shetland and Orkney, where hundreds of jobs and fragile rural, island economies are dependent on the salmon farming industry, which is now Scotland’s biggest food exporter and worth £220 million per year.

This coverage can be viewed in full on the Dunfermline Press website and was achieved as part of the ongoing PR campaign by the Holyrood PR on behalf of Meridian Salmon Group.