Firstcall Creates the Right Environment for Green Jobs

First Call Home Assist Press releases

Firstcall Creates the Right Environment for Green Jobs

First Call Home Assist Press releases

Capital-City-PartnershipA Scottish company has joined forces with Edinburgh’s newest Business Support Service to create more employment opportunities for people wanting to work in the green sector.

Firstcall Home Assist is working closely with a service called, “Joined Up For Business”, co-ordinated by the Capital City Partnership to make it easier for the business to grow and welcome new people to the firm.

Information sessions are being held to attract unemployed jobseekers to learn more about the team at Firstcall Home Assist and see if the company is suitable for them.

The Edinburgh-based firm has already held its first information session in June which attracted prospective employees to find out more about the opportunities available and what they can gain from working in the green sector.

Paul Greaves, Managing Director at Firstcall Home Assist, said: “Working with this scheme has been a fantastic opportunity for us to help people that are unemployed find work.

“It gives us a chance to let everyone know what we do and show them why working for us can be a great opportunity. Working in the green sector gives people a secure future as this is an area that is going to keep growing for decades to come.

“The information sessions make it so much easier for us to help people looking for work as it gives them the chance to ask any questions and learn more about what we do. We are looking forward to the next event so we can meet more people and hopefully find many new faces to add to our team.”


Since the first open day in June, five staff have been hired to help work for the company, focusing on the Government’s flagship campaign, the Green Deal.

Firstcall Home Assist, an approved assessor/installer of the Green Deal is now looking to recruit more staff to support the expansion of its business through this deal – and it believes the energy efficiency sector is set to become a prime focus for job opportunities in the future.

With the help of “Joined Up For Business” Firstcall Home Assist hope to find people who will lead the Green Deal forward and thrive in the energy efficiency sector.

Rhona McLinden, Employer Engagement Manager at the Capital City Partnership said: “We are delighted to support this company who are creating jobs for the unemployed and giving young people lasting employment opportunities.

“We will be helping Firstcall Home Assist with their recruitment and training needs for those new staff that join the company. This is in addition to business growth support through the Business Gateway service. Overall we are working with Firstcall Home Assist across a wide agenda which means the company can grow and save time, effort and money.

“Firstcall Home Assist really ticks all of the boxes for the service we offer through ‘Joined Up for Business’ as they are dedicated to helping the local economy and the environment.  The job opportunities they are creating will benefit many people which is a welcomed opportunity in the current economic climate.”

Firstcall Home Assist are looking to hold the next information session at the end of August in a bid to attract even more people to work for the company.

Paul added: “The perfect candidate for the job must have exceptional technical knowledge and understand how the green sector works.


“They will have a lasting career with us as green efficient energy is the way forward for home and business owners. Heating bills are still increasing so going green is the most forward-thinking solution for people wanting to save money and make their homes more energy efficient.

“It is only going to get better for the green sector as people’s desire for cheaper bills and more efficiently heated homes is going to continue to develop rather than diminish.”

Firstcall Home Assist want to help people struggling with rising costs and help Scotland move forward towards green, efficient energy that will save home and business owners money while creating job opportunities that will last the distance.

Energy-saving improvements that are available include loft or cavity wall insulation, heating, boilers, draught proofing, double glazing and renewable energy technologies.

Further information on Firstcall Home Assist can be found on the website  or by calling 0844 241 2984.

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