First Deal for Singapore Base

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First Deal for Singapore Base

Rotech Subsea Blog

Mass-flow excavation (MFE) specialists Rotech Subsea has announced the first contract secured from its recently opened Singapore base.

The company, which operates a unique and patented range of T tools, has signed a deal with offshore contracting specialists TS7 valued in excess of $500,000 to perform trenching services for a project in New Zealand. There are also opportunities with TS7 for additional workscope in the region.

The company’s T4000 spread will be sent to the project, along with Senior Technicians supplied from both the Singapore and UK bases.

Regional Manager Barry Silver is delighted with the progress of the first month’s operations.


Barry said: “I was always confident that this was the right time for Rotech Subsea to establish itself in this extremely active marketplace, but landing our first contract so soon after opening is a fantastic start for the team here”.


“We have enjoyed good relations with TS7 in the past and we are looking forward to working with them again.”


Rotech Subsea had a presence in the region for almost four years, previously with a dedicated Asia-Pacific representative and more recently serviced from the Aberdeen base. But establishing an office in Singapore’s Orchard Road and storing three of its tools at the Loyang Offshore Supply Base will allow Rotech Subsea to respond to clients within hours rather than weeks.


It is expected there will be 20 employees within 18 months. It also services the Australian market but there are plans to open a case in Perth, Western Australia, should expected demand be met.


Rotech Subsea also operates bases in Aberdeen, Scotland, Houston, Texas and Mexico. It also has representatives working in the Middle East and Egypt.


The company was born in Aberdeen in 2001. Rotech Group Directors Dr Hector Susman and Ken Stewart designed and patented the unique T excavation system which is now recognised as the world leader.


There is now a fleet of 19 tools, with six more in production at Rotech’s in-house fabrication yard. In the 06/07 tax year turnover exceeded £10million and 28 projects were completed.

The tools work by using two counter-rotating propellers to channel a powerful flow of water downwards to clear subsea material, rocks and mud in a process called mass-flow excavation.  Technicians use live sonar feedback to adjust power levels and as there’s no physical contact with the sea floor or structures, there is little risk of damage.

Rotech Subsea President Kenneth R Mackie said: “It is absolutely fantastic news that we have secured our first deal from the Asia-Pacific base.

“We have performed many projects in the region previously but not having a base there definitely was acting as a barrier. This is one of the most buoyant marketplaces in the world and the work is perfectly suited to our equipment and expertise.

“This is an extremely exciting time for Rotech Subsea. We have a fantastic product, one that is more cost effective, more powerful and more efficient than any of the alternative mass flow equipment available but we will not stand still. We are constantly evolving the equipment and services to meet the demands and challenges from our existing and potential clients.”