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First Impressions and first days: a York student’s journey to Holyrood PR

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First Impressions and first days: a York student’s journey to Holyrood PR

  BlogIntern Programme

Paloma Paige embarks on graduate placement with top Edinburgh PR agency

First impressions on a first day are difficult to describe in words. Often, they boil down to an overarching feeling, an intuitive sense of what an experience might bring. 

Over the past few years, I have often sat on the other side of the table, where my colleagues and I would welcome a new member to the team. I know it takes effort to make sure that person feels well informed and supported which made the warm welcome I received as the newest member of Holyrood PR’s graduate placement all the more appreciated.

Yet, it’s been a while since I’ve had those tables turned. That realisation hit me as I walked into the Holyrood PR office on a Monday morning, which was also the first time I had been inside any office since the pandemic hit over two years ago.

It was in that moment that I reflected on how last year I had made yet another important step and returned to university three years after finishing my undergraduate degree. When I attended my first lecture as an undergraduate, I remember feeling so awed and so lucky, acutely aware that I was immensely privileged to be devoting my time purely to learning and reading, to testing my knowledge and challenging myself.

Scottish PR agency photography, Paloma Paige - PR intern

That awareness never disappeared and one of the reasons I returned to university for a Masters programme was because I missed the experience of chasing answers and being able to indulge my curious nature.

This brings me back to my return to the office and my first impression of Holyrood PR. I felt the same curiosity and excitement at the prospect of enriching my skills and knowledge when I applied for this placement.

A self-awareness of my own newness was countered by the recognition of a type of work I had been passionate about for years and the distant familiarity of the office environment that had been lost during the pandemic.

Despite these reassurances, I knew that Holyrood PR was going to be different. My intuitive sense was that this was an opportunity to engross myself in a new challenge.

First weeks are inevitably characterised by processing an onslaught of new information and my first task was to get to know my way around the office. Every company will have its own matrix of IT systems and activity trackers, communication apps and digital design platforms. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate how each company is unique in how they utilise these tools.

Understanding how a company organises itself helps me come to grips with the rationale behind what otherwise may seem like random steps in the workflow process. Dovico, Asana, Google applications, Canva and Adobe are all tools I was shown during my first couple of days. I can now see how each of these platforms’ features benefits the broader work flow and supports the overall team objectives.

I would need more space than I have on this page if I were to recount all that I have learned during this first week.

Thankfully, our brains don’t keep a word count and I know I will continue to build on what I have absorbed already.

Looking ahead to the next 3 weeks, I am excited to continue growing.

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