Finger Licking Good Links For Wednesday


Finger Licking Good Links For Wednesday

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Many people were a bit unnerved when Google street view started back in 2007. The ‘big brother’s watching you’ thing started to feel a bit too real. There are many positives to the app however- it makes it easier to find places you’re looking for if you have the image of the street to hand. Also it captures human kind going about their daily routines which is sometimes fascinating to watch. Artist Jon Rafman has captured these weird and wonderful images as a part of a project called ‘The nine eyes of Google street view.’ I like number ten captured in Mexico, it’s quite disturbing!


I think most of us are guilty of accidently tuning into those awful channels designed to sell useless dross! Never leaves you without wondering who the hell buys this crap especially when you know it starts at £79.99 and finishes up at the ‘bargain’ price of £9.99! British comedian Peter Serafinowicz has produced a sketch which displays the nature of these shows down to a T-nothing more than selling leaches! 


Susan Boyle entered into the Pancake Day spirit yesterday to show her support for Scottish charity SCIAF. The devout Christian celebrated the launch of the charity’s Wee Box, Big Change campaign by flipping a few pancakes with Cardinal Keith O’Brien, SCIAF’s chairman; and pupils from St Augustine’s high school. The money raised will be used to help combat poverty in countries all over the world, including many in Africa. Susan explained that she will be giving up chocolate for lent this year. It is thought that around a billion people go hungry across the world everyday. That’s definitely food for thought before you consider reaching for the biscuit tin.


With debate on whether Scotland should become independent or not continually in the news and will be the hot topic in Scotland until a referendum has been completed, many people have been giving their views on the issue. The latest person to post his views is tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch tweeted from his twitter @rupertmurdoch ‘Let Scotland go and compete. Everyone would win.’  He then furthered his views by claiming that Alex Salmond is clearly the most brilliant politician in the UK.
With Murdoch building his new golf course in Scotland, does he feel that an independent Scotland will work out better for his business? 


A new technology that helps blind people to text has been developed by researchers at Georgia Tech. The App which will be available to use on touch screen apple and android devices has been based on the Braille writing system. You would have thought that with the introduction of siri for the iPhone it would have been helpful for blind people when using their phones. However this is not the case, apples voiceover technology has been deemed far too slow to use effectively. So there’s another thing it’s no good for along with not understanding the Scottish accent.