Find out how your business can make out like a bandit – by harnessing the power of PESO

by Kenny Murray

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

 We can help you profit, by transforming PESO into fistfuls of pounds and pence.

PR agency explains PESO communicationsARRIBA andale! Break out the tequila, the tortilla chips and the guacamole dip – today we are going to talk all about the power of PESO.

Hang on though. Just why would a Scottish PR agency be writing in depth about the Mexican currency? After all Mexico City is more than 5000 miles away, it’s a long time til our next sunshine holiday and last time we checked we had precisely no clients in the North American country.

Hands up – you’ve rumbled us. We wanted to catch your attention with thoughts of oversized sombreros, Pancho Villa moustaches and colourful Mariachi bands.

The truth is the PESO we are talking about is actually a business acronym (aye, less glamorous, we know), but one that you should really do yourself a favour and pay attention to. Whatever line of business you are in, the PESO model for media coverage is a must.

In this digital age the media landscape can seem fractured and complicated. Scarily complicated. Should you put your precious budget into online adverts? Or should you spend it on trying to win influence and coverage in the traditional media?

Maybe you should ignore newspapers and broadcasters and focus on niche bloggers instead? Or should you go a step further and throw your lot in with social media? Maybe you should simply stick to mailing out brochures and marketing to your email list (you *have* got an email list, right?).

Now you see what we mean by complicated. There’s so much to consider that it’s little wonder some people in business never get started at all.  Or they end up putting all their efforts (and budget) into the areas they know and are comfortable with, whether that kind of activity really works for them or not.

This is where PESO comes in. It is  simple to remember, easy to follow and practical way to plan how you should best be communicating to multiple audiences, letting them know what they need or want to know about your business.

It explains the four media types you and your business or organisation need to focus on and how you can do that in a careful, considered and integrated way. So what are they?

Paid, Earned, Shared/Social & Owned.

Below we’ve shared a short and sweet guide to each of these areas – but we’d encourage you to follow the links to the more detailed posts we’ve also provided for anyone interested in getting a more in-depth understating of each aspect:

PESO Guide Part 1 – Paid Media

Holyrood PR agency in Edinburgh highlight why PR can change the conversationTraditionally advertising has been a world away from public relations.
However, now the smartest, most forward-thinking PR agencies (yes, like Holyrood PR!) are happily embracing elements of paid media.
Follow the link and we’ll explain how and why you can use paid media smartly to turbo charge your other media efforts, such as more traditional PR activity – including using affordable social media advertising and cost-effective email marketing.
We’ll also let you know some of the pitfalls and bear traps waiting for unsuspecting businesses in the world of online paid media.

PESO Guide Part 2 – Earned Media

Newspaper coverage is an essentail part of the public relations services delivered by award winning PR agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, ScotlandFew things are as powerful in communications as having positive stories told about you by respected journalists and publications – newspapers, trade magazines and broadcast news.
What those journalists and news outlets say is trusted,  independent – and in short, it is credible. Certainly, far more credible and likely to be believed that what a brand or company says in its own advertising.
Earned Media  is the traditional strength of public relations and the best know tool is the media release. However, the web has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for businesses to earn valuable coverage.

PESO Guide Part 3 – Shared/Social Media

Holyrood PR Agency in Edinburgh shows why talk isn't cheapCast your mind back to the year 2000. Then only the biggest or most techie business had websites. Now it is inconceivable for any serious company not to have a presence online.
The same is true with social media. Five years ago many Chief Executives openly scoffed at the notion of having their businesses on Twitter or Facebook.
Today no more than a handful of credible business leaders would take that stance.
Having a social media presence is now just like having a website – it’s the basic cost of doing business.
Here we explore the many ways you can get the greatest value from building online communities.

PESO Guide Part 4 – Owned Media

Website-Redevlopment-Good content really matters – that’s why owned media (your blog or website) is so important.
When you spend money on advertising to drive people to your website, great content can be the deciding factor in convincing them to buy your product or service
When you want people to share positive thoughts and stories about you on social media, that will often start with the content you have created on your blog or website.
When you want to convince journalists or other influencers that you are a credible voice and an expert in your industry, a serious collection of blog posts speaks volumes.
We explain how great content can be at the very centre of your PESO success story.


Your business deserves to work with PR Experts who deliver the greatest value for your pounds – and your PESOs

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