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Fill Your Cups With Our Daily Blog

Cup Size Map

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Ever wondered which countries boast the women with the biggest boobs? Well, it turns out there is a map for that – The Cup Size Atlas! It shows the the ladies of Russia and Scandinavia are the big winners, boasting an above D cup average with Asian countries at the opposite end of the scale. The results should be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s hard to imagine that someone has measured the boobs of every female on the planet or kept a record of every bra sold! 


For the last few years Dove has been the champion for making woman feel good on the outside and more importantly on the inside. As a result of a recent study Dove carried out it was revealed that only 4 % of women think that they are beautiful-(that’s Samantha Brick accounted for then) and Dove felt this was alarmingly low. To help women focus on the good things about them rather than the bad they have created ‘The Ad Makeover’ a Facebook application which replaces these ad’s you see for losing weight or plastic surgery for positive messages which make women feel good. It is a really nice idea but not sure how much it will work when it is just sponsored ad’s rather than an integrated social media campaign.


As its Friday I thought I would do a little piece on everybody’s favourite weekend indulgence; drinking. Up until (relatively) recently I was a student and my tipple of choice, usually wine, was consumed from whatever drinking vessel was closest to hand.  However, it appears that as a working adult this slap dash approach to glassware is out of date. According to an article in the Guardian we are increasingly buying different glasses to go with different wines. Personally I couldn’t care less whether my Friday evening glass of red comes in a tulip shaped creation, designed to spread taste evenly around my mouth, or a cartoon covered mug, but each to their own. And on that note let’s raise a glass (or plastic tumbler) to the weekend…


The Chip Shop Awards are one of the industry’s biggest creative and advertising awards and every year churns up a series of fantastic laugh out loud and thought provoking adverts. This year’s nominations are now available to view via the link below and while there are some nice pieces in there such as the Nandos advert and the bish bash Bosch campaigns, I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed this year as compared to last. Whether that’s because 2011’s entries set the bar really high, or because the entries this year just didn’t cut it – I don’t know – but have a look through entries and share your favourites with us.    


Two men in Fife were this week sentenced to 11 and 12 months in jail, respectively, for stealing a cherry picker from a building site. The men were caught on CCTV and the video posted to youtube, and it was thanks to this video that they were caught. A member of the public phoned the Fife police after seeing the video, and was able to help them identify the men involved. Given the size of a cherry picker I think they deserve top marks for trying….