Fiery Tales To Make Your Burns Supper Sail

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I think I always thought the day would arrive, I may even go as far as to say I maybe thought it already had, that there would be a sex toy app. I’m not sure quite how I envisaged it working, but it turns out I needn’t have worried, Vibease seems to do the job just fine so long as the accompanying Vibease ‘massager’ is involved. The Vibease app allows mean to control a woman’s vibrator – sorry I mean ‘massager’ – from afar (or vice versa, if that’s your thing). Not a bad diea for long distance relationships, but maybe not something to carry in your handbag to meetings. 


If this doesn’t ring a bell then where where you yesterday afternoon? What started as a saucy email chain between two amorous co-workers at an Aberdeen firm quickly went viral on social media after it ended up in the wrong hands.
The two workers, who are engaged to be married, must now be absolutely mortified after their private messages were accidently sent around the entire company and then spread like wildfire using the hashtag ‘sandwich van’.
In seems that the hapless woman forwarded the chain accidently when sending a round robin email to her co-workers announcing that ‘the sandwich van was here’ – hence the hashtag.
It is all over the media today, with the Daily Mail publishing MY tweet on the incident rather embarassingly!


Today across Scotland and Scots around the world will be enjoying their Haggis suppers and dancing the night away at Celidh’s in celebration of poet, Rabbie Burns’ birthday.  The occasion is to be marked with the first publication of a recently discovered letter written by Burns to actress Elizabeth Kemble in 1794 concerning the abolition of slavery.  The letter asks Ms Kemble to protect a Burns manuscript, which researchers said was a further collection of other letters about  the anti-slavery topic. The letter will be published in a new book, Enlightened Burns. 


An ad by Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith created to promote his range of food products has been banned. The commercial which cost him $100,000 and was due to air on Australia Day, has been deemed too offensive to be aired on prime time television. The TV advertisement is saturated with “Dick” jokes and innuendo, in a very tongue-in-cheek manner, as the stars of the ad are all pushing at least 70! An elderly woman wearing a cardigan says: ”There’s only one Dick I’ll be eating on Australia Day,” while a farmer ploughing his fields proclaims: ”I love Dick”. Mr Smith also urges the audience to ”chow down on my OzEnuts [peanut butter]” and ”shake my OzEsauce [tomato sauce].” A group of asylum seekers is pictured coming ashore, as Mr Smith presents them with some OzEmite and says: ”The taste is a beauty, why else would thousands be trying to get here?” I’m thinking Dick may get more attention that he bargained for because this is certain to go viral.​ 


So as most of you will know being Mad about Mad Men means I got extremely excited when I saw these preview images for season six. Yes that’s right Don and the gang are back on AMC in April and no doubt the drama the follows them. The first image shows Don surrounded by the women in his life including wife Megan, ex wife Betty and daughter Sally. It looks as though Betty has beaten her eating demons showing a more svelte figure than series five. It also looks as if young Pete has grown some sideburns. Let the games begin….