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Fast and Furious News from Holyrood PR

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Following THE wedding on Friday, someone by the name of Michael Bandar has set up a Facebook page dedicated to Kate Middleton’s sister’s rear end. The page “Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society” has already attracted almost 130,000 fans, including the future Queen’s sister herself, apparently. Other pages have been set up with the same theme, including “Pippa Middleton put the ‘ride’ in bridesmaid” – classy and tasteful at the same time. Can’t people just admire her from afar or post something on their status? Is there really any need for these and what purpose to they really serve?!/pages/Pippa-Middleton-Ass-Appreciation-Society/183120471735513


The annual White House Correspondents Dinner is one of the biggest events in America’s media diary. Hundreds of the country’s most powerful journalists and TV news figures come together to celebrate their efforts to report and scrutinise the U.S. government’s actions.

These dinners are fairly sedate affairs, but this year’s event saw a twist to the standard format – as President Obama took to the stage to perform a scathing comedy speech against his detractors. First ridiculing the political commentators on FOX News who had questioned the validity his birth certificate, the president then turned his attention to business mogul Donald Trump, who is one of his potential opponents in the next elections. Watching the look on Trump’s face as he is verbally ripped to shreds in front of a guffawing audience is priceless, as well as being a well-needed boost for Obama in the eyes of his supporters.


I may have missed it but I’m sure there must have been some story now about how Twitter has caused the death of the holiday postcard – certainly ex-Liberty X singer and C-lister Michelle Heaton and her new hubby Hugh Hanley are doing nothing to stop this trend. Hugh has been providing a running commentary on the couple’s holiday to Las Vegas through Twitter – and, helpfully for the blokes, posting pix of Michelle in her various daily bikini outfits. There’s also a picture of Michelle with her new tattoo  running down the side of her torso which includes the date she married Hugh and reads: ‘From this moment 19.07.1 My Life Has Begun’. I’m already trying to work out how she’ll do Cheryl Cole and look to rewrite this should the lovey-dovey stuff turn sour.


One of America’s infamous Sheriffs has come under fire for posting a series of mug shots on his website and asking visitors to vote for their favourite mug shot of the day. Joe Arpaio from Arizona claims that by posting the mug shots it allows more crimes to be uncovered and so far he has support from those who use the site with 4102 out of the 4964 people who voted agreeing with him. As you can expect some of the most popular mug shots are those of the most unusual and shady looking people who have been arrested and you can see some of them in the link to the website below. Wonder what the daily winner gets though – a get out of jail free card, perhaps?–Joe-Arpaio-lets-public-rate-them.html


In celebration of the royal wedding, a British plumber decided to get a tattoo of the happy couple etched onto his front teeth.  The man won The Windsor Knot’s mania title after he sat in the dentist’s chair for total of six hours having the treatment done – costing a total of £1,000 for the displeasure.  Luckily enough it’s only temporary because the upkeep would be a nightmare. What will they tattoo next?  Perhaps an artery.