Extending Yourself Too Far

by Holyrood PR

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Hair SolvedHairlossGeeks Online covers  common reason for female hair loss with expert Lucas Sojka of Hair Solved

Though most women want to have the long-luscious and colourful hair like their favourite actresses, it turns out that these beauty regimes can cause a condition known as traction alopecia where the hair is weakened due to prolonged tension. 

Stars aren’t even untouchable from the condition, recently Naomi Campbell and Katie Price were rumoured to both struggle from hair loss resulting from wearing the heavy hair extensions every day.

Many women who suffer from it try to compensate by wearing hair extensions more frequently, which only worsens their condition.

Lucas Sojka, the Director of a female hair loss treatment centre called Hair Solved in Glasgow, said: “We see and treat thousands of women each year for a variety of reasons and increasingly we are seeing the effects of beauty regimes becoming a major reason for female hair loss.

“What is most alarming about traction alopecia is that rather than stopping using the hair extensions, most women choose to wear their hair extensions even more, putting even more pressure on the hair, which could lead to more permanent hair loss.Hair loss can also be caused by over processing of the hair through the use of chemical dyes and constant hair straightening can make hair fragile, leading to heavy fall out during brushing and eventual thinning or hair loss.”  

Hair Solved’s Glasgow clinic can offer hair systems for all types of female hair loss including; alopecia, genetic thinning, post pregnancy, trichotillomania and hair loss associated with chemotherapy.

This coverage can be viewed in full on the Hairloss Geeks Online website and was achieved as part of the ongoing PR campaign by the Holyrood PR on behalf of Hair Solved.

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