Exel Wines Let the Fizz out of New Drink Craze

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Exel Wines has hit out at a new trend which has seen drinkers combining red wine with a fizzy mixer.

The Perthshire Advertiser ran the story under the headline “New plonk plan is rubbished” with an explanation as to why the industry experts are angry with the news.

Operations manager Russell Wallace is also quoted in the piece, stating that the mixer could in the majority of cases, just cover up poor quality wine.

He adds: “The idea of adding an additional product to red wine is completely against everything we stand for.”

From what initially started as a collectors hobby based at central Perth restuarant Exel Dining, Exel Wines grew into a successful business after the restaurant closed due to the economic downturn and the team were able to focus their efforts on the growing wine merchants business.

The full article can be viewed in the Perthshire Advertiser and was secured as part of a sustained PR and social media campaign carried oout by the Holyrood PR