Exel-ing In The Fight Against Hangovers

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Perthshire based vinter Exel Wines receives some hangover free PR Scotland in Perthshire Advertiser.

The featured article states that toxin free wine enables drinkers to feel hangover free the day after the night before.

Drinking wines such as Welgegund Pinotage from South Africa will help the body says Exel Wines Russell Wallace in the article: “Drinking a higher quality wine will help hangovers, diets and detoxes simply because there are fewer toxins in the body”

He also added: “The reason why mass producers need to add so much sulphite to their yield is because they use machinery to pick the fruit, and often rotten fruits slip through the quality control process”.

It is smaller producers that pick the harvest by hand that wine lovers should be looking at when choosing as they are more likely to adhere to organic and biodynamic measures.

Exel wines strive to bring the finest wine and vintages from around the world to Scotland by storing them in their fine wine vault.

Wallace concluded the article by saying: “Check if it’s got less than ten parts sulphite per million per bottle, and if it does, you should be hangover free the next day”

The full article can be viewed on the Perthshire Advertiser website and was secured as part of a sustained PR and media campaign carried out by the Holyrood PR. 






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