eteaket brews the perfect collab for Scottish Water

Scottish Water Media Coverage

eteaket brews the perfect collab for Scottish Water

Scottish Water Media Coverage

Scottish Water reels in food and drink PR success with lockdown collab

SCOTTISH WATER’s Your Water Your Life campaign celebrates our best natural resource: our soft Scottish tap water.

Your Water Your Life aims to encourage people to think about the water they use, how they use it, and the vital role it plays in all of our lives. One of our roles in supporting this is to think of different ways we can showcase our amazing natural tap water.

In a country full of tea drinkers, we realised that the main ingredient of our beloved cuppa – our tap water – is often forgotten.

Some highlights from our campaign included:

  • Features on top Scottish foodie Instagram’s including Plate Expectations, Edineats, and FedinEd
  • 87 posts across Twitter and Instagram from influencers and #cuppateawithme fans
  • Instagram stories from 33 major influencers, reaching 700,000 followers 
  • Online coverage on Deadline News, Edinburgh Evening News,, and Edinburgh Reporter
  • National coverage in The Sunday Post’s shopping feature
  • Trade coverage on Scotland Food and Drink, with posts on social media and a print feature
  • A broadcast feature on That’s TV
  • 102 pieces of coverage across social, digital and print
  • 957,852 opportunities to see in total

Creating a campaign around how Scotland’s tap water is the best ingredient in your cuppa had been on our list of ideas for months. We brainstormed several ideas around how to create the best campaign, researching different tea experts and collaborations.

With this in mind, we decided to go a step further to see if one of our favourite local teamakers might be interested in creating a tea that specifically complemented Scottish tap water. We approached independent Edinburgh teamaker, eteaket, with plans to explore a collaboration to showcase our country’s fantastic tap water.

eteaket was delighted to join the wave in Scottish Water’s campaign and, during lockdown, created a bespoke blend of tea, Keep the Heid, designed to go perfectly with a cup of Scottish tap water – which has now become their online bestselling blend of tea!

Keep the Heid is a blend of Assam and Darjeeling, sprinkled with heather and meadowsweet, giving it a distinctive Scottish twist. The delicate flavours of the blend come alive in the softness of Scottish tap water.

The idea grew from a simple collaboration into the fully-fledged #CuppaTeaWithMe campaign – a social media campaign during lockdown to encourage the nation’s tea-drinkers to come together (virtually) and reconnect over a warm, soothing cup of Keep the Heid.

To announce the campaign, we drew up lists of target media and influencers we knew would enjoy eteaket’s new brew. We contacted our media and influencers for the right addresses to post a packet of Keep the Heid and crafted a press release and supporting press pack that would accompany the blend.

Leading up to the launch date, we liaised with Scottish Water and eteaket to plan images, videos from both eteaket and Scottish Water, and other supporting content for our social media campaign.

When it came to the launch date, we shared the story with our target media with our tailored press release and accompanying bank of images. We brewed a social media success by posting about the campaign on social media, using the hashtag #CuppaTeaWithMe.

As well as being a hit on social media, the campaign secured swathes of print, online, and broadcast coverage, creating 957,852 opportunities for people to discover #CuppaTeaWithMe and Keep the Heid.

The beauty of the campaign was that it didn’t just stop after one week, we saw social media posts about the campaign over six weeks, and still see the odd #CuppaTeaWithMe post.

You can read the original story here

Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign aims to encourage people to top up from the tap to benefit the planet, their health and their pocket – to celebrate our precious, natural resource.

‘Keep The Heid’ Limited Edition tea is available to buy online £7.95 for 100g

eteaket will donate £1 from every 100g tube sold to the charity Health in Mind to help them promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

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