Elderly Men at Higher Cyber Crime Risk

by Aimee Lawrence

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

SBCC Gary RitchieCyber crooks under the spotlight of PR Scotland

The Scottish Business Crime Centre efforts to stop cyber crime have been echoed with coverage in the Deadline News.

Together with Age UK and cyber crime experts, SBCC is issuing a warning to older computer users to remain vigilant when handling email since, having more free cash to hand out for worthy causes, they are the most vulnerable.

The elderly men are even more likely to fall victim to internet scammers because they are less likely to ask for help.

Gary Ritchie, Assistant Director of SBCC, said: “While many of us have been using the internet for some time and have grown to recognise these types of scam emails, anyone can be caught out as new scams are constantly being designed to trick unwary web surfers into parting with money or personal information.

The pensioners are usually being caught out by spam emails offering discounted products or asking for financial help.

Lindsay Scott, spokeswoman for Age Scotland, said in a recent survey the charity found half the over 60’s they questioned were targeted by digital scams last year.

She said: “Today’s pensioners still make a prime target for con artists because they generally have more disposable income.

“They’re also usually more trusting having grown up at a time when things were taken at face value.”

The Scottish Business Crime Centre is now fronting a campaign to raise awareness of various issues that can place older people at risk of financial harm.

The full coverage can be read on the Deadline News website and was secured on behalf of the Scottish Business Crime Centre as part of a public relations campaign carried out by Holyrood PR.

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