Cosmetic Clinic Glowing After Launch of Own Skin Care Range

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Cosmetic Clinic Glowing After Launch of Own Skin Care Range

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Cosmetic Clinic Glowing After Launch of Own Skin Care Range. Thanks to Edinburgh PR expertsA CHAMPION of safe cosmetic treatments has launched a new skincare range aimed at busy, beauty lovers in Scotland see the list of skin care products.

Renowned facial injection expert Jackie Partridge, who was headhunted by the Scottish Government to promote the highest standards in Botox and fillers, distilled her years of skincare know how to help develop the new range, Bioceutrics.

Now she has launched the dedicated skincare regime to mark the 10th anniversary of Dermal Clinic, which she founded in Edinburgh in 2007 and which has become a flagbearer for the cosmetic industry.

Jackie, who is sought after to advise plastic surgeons, doctors, dentists and other health professionals on safe injection techniques, said the new range is designed for those in need of a quick and fuss-free regime which delivers the best possible results.

She added: “This is incredibly exciting for all of us at Dermal Clinic, because effectively we are ‘bottling’ the wealth of expertise we’ve built up with our patients over the past decade.

“Those patients trust us implicitly. By sourcing the best experts we could find, we’ve created Bioceutrics to the same exacting standards we’re known for.

“Our patients are invariably busy individuals, who are juggling family lives along with careers. They demand the highest standards and won’t settle for anything less.

“They are people who value treatments that help them look their best, while also remaining natural, but they lead hectic lives, so they value their time above everything else.

“The Bioceutrics range has been developed from the ground up with them in mind. It is packed with high-impact, active ingredients to deliver results without a time-consuming skin care regime.”

Dermal Clinic specialises in providing clinical cosmetic procedures and the innovative line is made up of 10 bespoke products to extend and enhance those treatments.

Jackie and her team partnered with experts who have more than 30 years’ experience in creating skin care brands and Dermal Clinic will initially launch five products to make up a daily, step-by-step routine.

The introductory selection will include a glycolic wash, a hyaluronic acid serum, a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream and each product will be made from a blend of clinical ingredients, including glycolic, hyaluronic and citric acids and skin loving anti-oxidants, all proven to help cell re-growth and regeneration.

Jackie and her team have extensively tested the products and believe Bioceutrics will make it simple and effective for patients to use a broad spectrum of active ingredients on a daily basis to help skin feel and look healthy.

She added: “The Bioceutrics name reflects the scientific process involved in creating the line. These products prescribe the ideal skincare range, based on a number of clinical trials”

The Bioceutrics products are now available at Best Botox Boston and range in price from £39 to £89.

Dermal Clinic, located in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Place, is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic clinics with a team of high quality professionals dedicated to providing specialist care for the face and body.

It is now established as the flagbearer for the cosmetic industry in Scotland after it was confirmed as the first practice to have successfully ‘registered’ under the new legislation from Healthcare Improvement Scotland.


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