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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018


By Anna Longton

WHAT does a peanut butter tap, a cosmetic clinic and an estate agency have in common? The answer is Holyrood PR and one very excited intern.

Over the past few days I have read about, edited and published media on a dazzling range of stories and clients.

There was the heart-warming story of the 96-year-old Glaswegian pensioner who just published his first book; the search for the newest inspirational innovation to help people with disabilities; and the discovery that haggis flavoured ice-cream is a thing.

These examples are reflective of Holyrood PR’s philosophy that stories are at the heart of any business or organisation, and this creates a real sense of purpose – and excitement – here in the office.

The refreshing thing about interning at Holyrood PR is the fact that you are given real responsibility and tasks from day one, allowing you to learn useful and applicable skills as the internship progresses. The friendliness of the team means that this isn’t as scary as it sounds but very enjoyable.

There is support to turn to when faced with an unknown task, and as well as the group of friendly faces opposite me, this comes in the form of the intern bible; a bulky, extensive, but impressively well-organised step-by-step manual for the PR newbie. This, coupled with the freedom to work independently and creatively, creates a relaxed but encouraging environment to learn and try new things.

Something else that I really like here is the closeness of the team. The directors share the same office as the rest of the employees, so there is a sense of openness in the working environment and an easy group dynamic.

Furthermore, working in such close proximity with the whole team means that as an intern you gain a real insight into the diversity of PR and the different types of work that it entails.

So, what’s the catch, I hear you ask? Well… If there is one, I haven’t found it yet! Maybe, at a push, the unreliability of the Edinburgh bus app and/or the number 25. I’m sure there is a phantom one on the loop which doesn’t actually ever make a real appearance, and Catriona who works here can testify to this too. Sorry-not-sorry for the bad PR, Transport for Edinburgh!

But I’m really enjoying my time here and it is exciting knowing that every day is different. Whilst the world of PR is undoubtedly fast paced, this keeps the work varied and interesting.

Internships and work placements can be famously hit or miss, but I’m happy to say that this one is genuinely a win and I am excited to pursue and embark on a career in PR.

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