Four weeks of non-stop surprises, new discoveries and mini victories.

by PR Interns

Monday, June 18th, 2018

PR intern, Natasha Cutler accounts for her treasured experience in an award-winning Edinburgh PR consultancy Edinburgh PR Consultancy, Natasha Cutler

WOW how time has flown!

Despite having had the chance to oversee some epic media coverage across the past four weeks, it’s been the little things that have made my time at Holyrood PR so memorable. From the customary morning newspaper sweep, to infinite rounds of tea-making, therapeutic Photoshop sessions and all round banter with the team, I have really grown fond of the daily routine.

Surprise jobs, such as helping to model as a stock photo for the website, made for a fun bit of spontaneity and something that I hadn’t ever expected to be doing during my time in an Edinburgh PR consultancy. Every day there would be something entirely new to discover and learn. I was further thrilled to find myself invited along to a number of office outings, each totally unique and different in what they entailed.

In my second week I attended the infamous US Kids Golf championship. It was a gloriously sunny day and everyone was excited to be there. It was amazing to meet such passionate kids from all corners of the globe, kitted out in the most immaculate of golfing gear, recounting their years of training and contests worldwide. Never had I expected to be quite so intimidated by a 7 year old! Nonetheless, it was our job to gather the mini golf pros and their infamous ‘Daddy-caddies’ for interview, as well as capture a range of diverse footage in order to encapsulate the awe of the day.

Surviving week one in a public relations agency as a total PR rookie. PR first-timer, Natasha Cutler shares her initial thoughts of an award winning Scottish public relations agency.

Another big highlight for me was travelling to Glasgow to help out with a day of videography at a secret event. Amidst the general sophistication of the day and a platter of tiny yet elegantly structured finger foods, I thoroughly enjoyed my time assisting in the filming process as well as having a natter with individuals from other PR agencies. As well as observing how the company drone (AKA Seb’s baby) can be incorporated into media content, I also had the chance to oversee the whole step-by-step process of amassing event coverage.

No introspective blog post is complete without a wholesome dose of self-reflection! Slowly but surely I have stretched myself and my abilities to a great extent throughout my four weeks in a PR agency. I will look back at my time at Holyrood PR as an assortment of unique challenges, opportunities and numerous occasions for self-growth. As a naturally slow writer – owing to my innate need to perfect every sentence – I’d previously worried that this would be my biggest hindrance. However, as I near the end of my fourth week I have found myself tapping out content considerably quicker. Despite it only being a minor breakthrough, for me it feels like a mini victory!

All in all, it’s crazy to think how much I’ve learnt in such a short space of time. Alongside discovering a passion for property writing, I have inspired my creative side with media montages and got a lid on my fear of all things tech-related. My eyes have been opened to the captivating world of communications thanks to the amazing team at Holyrood PR and the experience will be one I treasure forever.


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