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Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Looking back on everything I’ve learned while interning at Holyrood PR

Edinburgh PR Agency uploads last week blog by intern

By Hannah Taylor-James

AND that’s a wrap. The time has truly flown by in the four weeks I’ve spent at Holyrood PR, but I’m proud to say I’ve gained some fantastic experiences along the way.

My time here is drawing to a close but I am grateful to have been taken on, finally experiencing the world of PR first-hand.  Internships can be a critical stepping stone to landing a future career, so I most definitely appreciate the leg-up.

I have really seen myself improve in the past couple of weeks, and I’m very glad to have had this lift in confidence, as the jump from university to working life can be quite daunting.

Juggling an internship, university and part-time work has certainly meant a busy last month, but seeing how a PR agency runs day-to-day has been a great way of appreciating how the industry is developing outside of an academic standpoint.

My Time with The Team

My concerns that I may not be fully involved with the workload were all but diminished the moment I started, I was given task upon task and given all the help I needed along the way.

Team meetings have been an interesting way of observing how all the members within the company interact to bring a project together, which would have been more difficult to have seen in a larger organisation.

Filming at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children was a brand-new experience, something I’d never thought I’d have the chance to do. Being handed a camera and working alongside Craig, the videographer, really helped me capture how Holyrood works behind the scenes.

I didn’t anticipate how much my creativity would be allowed to flourish while working here, but writing numerous blogs and using Photoshop has joined my love for expression and professional writing.

I believe I have a far more diverse skillset than I first realised, built up from other professional experiences and academic life, these have now been vastly expanded from my time at Holyrood PR.

Having to conduct numerous phone calls and interviews has really boosted my confidence to understanding what is required to gain good answers from interviewees, whilst knowing how to build up a good rapport.

My appreciation for journalism and print news has vastly grown over the last few weeks, which is another welcomed surprise.

It has been great to scour through the morning stories finding which ones really stand out, and the enjoyment of seeing something you’ve written be picked up by the papers was also something I was proud to see happen.

Something to take away

The feedback I have been given through the course of the four weeks has been very positive, I feel a great amount of self-assurance when the team go ahead and use what I’ve written on their website.

I’ve certainly learnt some top tips to manage myself when taking on each day, for example I’ve found use in writing down the changes made to work and step-by-step instructions given to me.

They then give you something to refer back to when using say WordPress and other platforms you may be unfamiliar with, but the team will always be happy to help you when stuck and there is the hefty intern Bible too.

The world at the Holyrood PR I would say is certainly dynamic, there are so many opportunities to learn new things I would definitely recommend taking advantage an internship here.

What does the future hold?

I will have taken away far more than I had hoped for after just four quick weeks. It has been great to meet everyone at the company and get stuck into the life of a PR practitioner.

Writing press releases and blogs are two areas which I believe have demonstrated my best work, it’s great to now know what my strengths are and what I can bring to a team of people – I doubt I would have found this out as easily anywhere else.

There’s only a short while left at university for myself, but needless to say I am now greatly looking forward to seeing what the future will bring after my experience at Holyrood PR.

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