Edinburgh and PR: My First Week in the Big City

by PR Interns

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

By Rebecca Craig

AFTER graduating from Univ25 AUG Interns9554ersity and being (begrudgingly) thrown into the real world of work I found myself wondering what on earth I was going to do with my life.

A job in the ‘real world’ is a far cry from my history degree, with its focus on theories, dates and essays. After a lot of research, despair and several cups of tea I finally landed on PR as a career that I would be interested to pursue.

Next up, I was faced with the common problem that most graduates face:  how do you gain your dream job with no experience? My previous work experience had consisted of fish filleting in a supermarket, not much help when entering into an office.

With more research in the bag, I quickly decided that an internship was for me and after googling various PR firms around the country, I decided on Holyrood PR, based purely on the excellent feedback from previous interns who assured me that this would be an internship like no other.

As a student from the South of England, the fact it was in Edinburgh only added to its appeal. There’s no rush hour Tube travel up here, instead on my way to work I can venture down the Royal Mile and walk past an extinct volcano all before I’ve even reached the office.

Within twelve hours of arriving in Edinburgh I began my first day at Holyrood PR, armed with nothing but a notepad and a pen. I sat at my desk and was handed the largest folder I had since my days sat in the library revising.

Thoroughly daunted I got to work, frantically trying to remember every specific detail. But no fear, as early as the morning meeting I was given tasks that I could really sink my teeth into and, with a little help from the Intern bible, I found myself operating as a fully-fledged adult complete with a suit jacket and a real feel of what it was like to work in PR.

Not only that, but I have also adjusted quickly to the 9-5 lifestyle without excess snoozing of my alarm.

I have learned a lot so far, having been let loose on the company’s website and on soci25 AUG Interns9559al media. But, what I found most interesting was the idea that you could spend your days writing about stories.

Little did I know that the PR umbrella included writing about such a variety of topics, from couriers to cake, and I’ve spent a lot my afternoons attempting to include some not-so-hilarious puns in my work, something that has proved challenging and very entertaining.

One of the key things that I have learned is practice, practice, practice, and to meet your challenges head on. The team are always so willing to help, and no question is too stupid to ask, even if it’s simply about switching on the computer.

So far I have only just dipped my toe into a vast pool of PR knowledge and expertise, but I look forward to spending the next three weeks at Holyrood PR taking it all in.


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