Easter Monday’s Nest Of Hits

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Easter Monday’s Nest Of Hits

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DON’T LOOK DOWN (Victoria)

Pictures have appeared online of a group of trespassers posing at the top of Europe’s tallest building, the unfinished 1000ft Shard in central London.
They were posted on the blog of a US student who is part of a group called the London Consolidation Crew who sneak into the capital’s landmarks at night, dodging security and disregarding the safety risks.
Bradley Garret, 31, has also recently travelled to Barcelona, where he explored the underground Metro network, taking some haunting pictures whilst dodging the trains, which you can view on the blog too.



After dominating the headlines in the Daily Mail last week Samantha Brick’s actions have certainly made an impact. French media group Studio Canal is capitalising on the deluded women’s vanity by buying all of the advertising space around the various articles about her for new film ‘Mirror Mirror.’ The blockbuster which stars Julie Roberts and Lily Collins tells the story of Snow White and her evil stepmother like never before. It’s great when this kind of opportunity is spotted by a company and it is certainly something that we try to do at Holyrood PR to keep our client stories relevant to the media today.


With silent film The Artist taking the award ceremonies by storm earlier this year – silent movies are officially back in fashion. In order to celebrate this new media project site Mission DS106 is encouraging film makers to create silent versions of modern film classics as part of a project called Return To The Silent Era. So far Pulp Fiction, Back to The Future and Cool Hand Luke have all had a silent make over and the films are fantastic. You can watch all of the uploaded films on the site at the link below or on YouTube. Any budding film makers out there should definitely give it a go – I know I will be passing it onto our video team at Capture Media. 


In the 1980s, the Wicked Willie cartoon strip was a an amusing hit. Light hearted and wry, it was a cartoon which satirised man’s realtionship with … his best friend, without ever taking too many liberties with tatste. Oh how I wished for some of that restraint when I checked out this ‘Hail To the V’ video after it made a list of most insensitive marketing campaigns. Racially dubious, potty mouthed and pointlessly gross. Ee-ew.


If you haven’t seen footage of the monkey waiters at the Kayabukiya tavern then prepare to be amazed and possibly  freaked out if the one in the mask and wig has anything to go by. The traditional Sake house in Tokyo was featured in Justin Lee Collins’ Turning Japanese and showcased the monkeys  bringing hot towels and beer to customers. I’ve found another tourist video clip showing one of the so called waiters riding a rocking horse and balancing whilst holding umbrellas on a basketball amongst other bizarre tricks! Only in the Far East and completely mental!http://www.lostateminor.com/2012/04/07/simian-waiters-at-japanese-sake-house/