Eagle searches for needy community groups

Eagle Couriers Press releases

Eagle Couriers has launched a search to find unsung community groups across the Lothians who are in need of much-needed funding and equipment.

The Edinburgh-based company, which is Scotland’s leading independent courier firm, is looking for small charities or community projects which can benefit from its “special deliveries” initiative.

Under the drive, Eagle Couriers is asking local groups to contact them and explain what gift they need to aid their valuable work in the region. The company will then choose the best community group or local charity and will purchase the piece of equipment they have requested.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers’ directors, said: “At this time of year, there are a lot of companies who donate large sums of money to major charities, but the small community groups still tend to miss out.

“We make a lot of deliveries across the Lothians throughout the year, so we would really like to find a small local project in the area that we can help. We want to find a group that is in need of some specific equipment that will help them with their work, and then we will donate this to them.

“It’s easy to forget that a small donation can make a big difference to these charities. Even just replacing a microwave for a pensioner’s group or buying a new laptop for an after school club can be a huge help in ensuring they are able to carry on their work and help improve the lives of others.

“We may not have the unlimited funds of a huge multinational company, but we’re determined to try and help some well-deserving local organisations at this festive time of year.”