Eagle Maintains PR Success With Delivery Run for Edinburgh Vets

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Eagle Maintains PR Success With Delivery Run for Edinburgh Vets

Eagle Couriers Blog

Eagle Couriers director Jerry StewartA leading independent courier firm is helping to make a difference to the welfare of family pets across the east of Scotland.

Eagle Couriers is carrying out work with vets surgeries in Edinburgh and performing a daily, high-profile delivery run which takes blood and tissue samples to Scotland’s leading veterinary research centre.

The contract sees drivers from Eagle Couriers visit five veterinary surgeries across Edinburgh every day to pick up samples including blood, urine and smears – which are then taken to the Royal Dick Veterinary hospital.

All samples are from pet animals that have been seen by vets in the individual practices and are transported to the hospital’s Veterinary Pathology Unit so that they can be quickly analysed the same day, in order to help with diagnosing and monitoring diseases.

The run was set up two years ago to encourage veterinary practices in the Capital to send samples to the hospital in order to give a quicker service that would benefit the practices, pet owners and their animals.

Cancer centre

Since then, the contract has gone from strength to strength and the firm is now looking forward to delivering samples to the hospital’s new Veterinary Cancer Care centre – a unique facility opened earlier this week that has been designed to help treat pets afflicted with cancer.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers directors, said: “When people think of courier companies, they often imagine that we just deliver documents or data between businesses. However, there are actually many times when we have to deliver something slightly more unusual.

“Our contract with the Royal Dick Vet has been running for more than two years now and is something we are very happy to be involved with. Although these samples are not the most pleasant of things to deliver, they are very important in helping to ensure that many ill animals in Edinburgh are treated quickly.

“The Royal Dick Vet hospital is one of Scotland’s biggest and most respected animal research facilities. Its scientists help to identify diseases and chronic conditions in thousands of animals every year, so this is a very important contract for us to be involved in.

“We’re delighted to be helping the hospital and securing the welfare of many ill pets across the east of Scotland.”

Animal research

Around 40 samples taken from animals treated at the vet surgeries are delivered weekly by Eagle Couriers to the Royal Dick Veterinary Hospital. Each are given multiple tests by researchers at the facility.

Eagle Couriers is Scotland’s leading independent courier company and has bases in Edinburgh, Bathgate and Glasgow. It delivers everything from office documents and sensitive data to major sporting trophies, equipment for filming crews and even a canoe.

In the past 12 months, the company has also secured a £1.5 million contract with communications giant BT and a similar deal with NHS Scotland that will see the firm deliver documents and medical equipment to hospitals and medical facilities across the country until 2011.

The company also earned security clearance to make deliveries for the Government and other public bodies across Scotland. The firm now has backing from two organisations – the Government Car and Despatch Agency (GCDA) and Scotland Excel – which both aim to improve efficiency and delivery of important public documents, files and information.

Eagle Couriers is represented by media specialists the Holyrood PR, which provides expert PR in Scotland services.