Eagle Couriers’ Van Tale Doesn’t Gather Dust Thanks to Top PR Campaign

by Holyrood PR

Monday, June 29th, 2009

It’s a site that focuses on good news and quirky stories, it has one of the fastest growing readerships in UK news websites – and Holyrood Partnership found the perfect tale for the Daily Dust.

The Edinburgh-based news site loved the tale from Holyrood Partnership showcasing the fact that Eagle Couriers is struggling to find red vans for the delivery fleet and may have to change over from the iconic colour to something else, possibly white.

The coverage is another strategic success for Holyrood Partnership, showing that the PR team engage with social media and online news sites while some other companies continue to focus purely on print news outlets with dwindling readerships.

And while the site may be called dust, there was certainly none of the story with van dealers getting in touch after reading it to offer what stock they had to Eagle Couriers, making the story a success for all concerned.

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