Eagle Couriers Saves Customer From Heat Treatment Embarrassment

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Eagle Couriers Saves Customer From Heat Treatment Embarrassment

Eagle Couriers Blog

Holyrood PR helps improve director Jerry Stewart's PR in ScotlandScotland’s leading independent courier firm has once again proved its expert credentials after saving a customer’s blushes during a recent overseas delivery.

Staff at Eagle Couriers were contacted to deliver a special package from Edinburgh to California, but realised that the wooden box due to be shipped out had not been properly treated and tested to allow it to pass through American customs.

Under U.S. import and export laws, all packages and cargo crates have to be specially heat treated to ISPM15 standard. If they have not been suitably treated, they are sent back to the senders – meaning that sensitive deliveries do not reach their intended recipients in time.

However, couriers from the firm were able to check the package in Edinburgh before it was shipped and even arranged for it to be re-packed in a new, officially heat-treated box to ensure that it was allowed through U.S. customs.

Eagle Couriers’ Scottish PR Success

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers directors, said: “There are a number of tight restrictions to follow when it comes to transporting wooden crates overseas – and particularly to the Unites States.

“All boxes that are thicker than 6mm need to be specially heat treated to ensure they are safe from contamination and are allowed into the country. If the box does not have a stamp to confirm that this treatment has been done correctly, it will be sent back.

“In this case, we agreed to deliver a box to California but when we came to pick it up, we discovered that it had not been approved with an ISPM15 stamp. Many other firms would have just left it there and told the customer that they would have to get it heat treated themselves, but we offered to take it to one of our partners who specialise in making sure crates and boxes are correctly treated.

“In the end, we ended up getting a brand new box arranged for the delivery, which ensured that it arrived in California on time and with no hold-ups in customs. It didn’t take much effort on our part, but putting a little bit extra into the service helped make sure that our customer did not face the embarrassment of having their delivery turned away from U.S. customs.”

PR in Scotland for Special Deliveries

Eagle Couriers is Scotland’s leading independent courier company, with almost 30 years’ experience. The firm employs 100 staff between its bases in Glasgow, Bathgate and Edinburgh and  provides excellent customer service and competitive prices, as well as offering same day/next day deliveries to local, national and international destinations.

The firm has a 3500-strong client base ranging from blue chip firms such as the BBC and BT, public organisations including the NHS, and sole traders. As business-to-business experts, Eagle Couriers helps other firms operate more efficiently and profitably, by safely delivering on time everything from documents, medical samples and engine parts to sports footage, scripts and TV props.

Eagle Couriers is supported by public relations experts the Holyrood PR, who provide the firm with excellent PR in Scotland.