Eagle celebrates new blood deliveries

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Eagle celebrates new blood deliveries

Eagle Couriers Blog

Blood tests and samples will be delivered by Eagle Couriers

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has been celebrating after beginning new work that will see it deliver blood samples for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service. 

Eagle Couriers, which employs more than 100 people across Scotland, has been employed to provide out of hours cover for the SNBTS and will deliver blood test samples across Scotland when necessary.

The new work for the SNBTS has arisen from Eagle Couriers ongoing contract with the NHS – which has seen the company appointed as one of the preferred suppliers for the health service across Scotland.

The deal means that Eagle Couriers will respond to out of hours work for the SNBTS, which will include taking deliveries of blood and tissue samples to health facilities and hospitals across the country for testing. It will also require Eagle to deliver regular blood samples between the SNBTS’s Lauriston Place centre in Edinburgh to the Gartnavel General Hospital in Glasgow. 

Richard Beaton, contracts manager with Eagle Couriers, said he was delighted to have secured the high-profile delivery work with the SNBTS and added that the contract would help showcase the firm’s rapid response services.

He said: “Although this work will not have any effect on the emergency blood deliveries that the SNBTS does, it still gives us a chance to show the kind of fast, professional service that we have built our reputation on. The SNBTS employs its own emergency drivers who take potentially life-saving supplies of blood around the country – and we will be treating our deliveries just as importantly as they do.

“We pride ourselves on offering a fast, reliable service for all of our clients and this contract will only reinforce that reputation. The work with the SNBTS means we will be helping deliver blood and tissue samples and will ensure that they are securely and rapidly delivered.

“This kind of work is very important for us, as we are sure it will showcase our delivery services and the skills of our staff. The on-demand nature of the work also means that we are more interested in the benefits it will bring to the rest of our business, rather than how much money it is worth.

“Working with the SNBTS will allow us to continually challenge ourselves and re-assess the way we make deliveries in order to provide the best service for all of our clients.”