Eagle Couriers fly high with a lift from powerful PR photography

by Scott Douglas

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014



Picture PerfectPowerful PR photography is crucial for businesses, with the right images making a dramatic impact on success. As part of our PICTURE PERFECT series of posts, our award winning public relations agency explains how quality pictures drive media coverage, website success and social media buzz.


Images have delivered success for couriers in print and online, with help from Edinburgh PR agency

EAGLE Couriers care about delivery – which is why they want to work with trusted partners who deliver for them.

For many years Scotland’s biggest independent courier company has benefitted from expert public relations and an important part of that has been a focus on PR photography which has brought outstanding results and fantastic value for money (see the short video, below).

Eagle Couriers has always taken the smart approach to PR photography, realising that images which help the company’s media profile have a range of other uses too.

It’s a strategy which has served them well down the years, with pictures being used in countless publications, showcasing the company’s successes, such as its sponsorship of an Eagle owl at a Scottish zoo and other business landmarks.

Eagle website imagesMany of those images also helped the Eagle Couriers team to tell their business story via their own website and for many years the site which the company maintained was enlivened by our pics. Naturally, when it came time to have their website updated and refreshed for 2015, they turned to Holyrood PR again to deliver the affordable, high-quality photography required.


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With careful planning, we captured a suite of images which will deliver long-term value on their website, while also providing images which will grace business pages, customer newsletters, staff social media profiles and blog posts. We plan every photo shoot to deliver images which can be used again and again. There are no additional fees for this – in fact we encourage clients to use and share their pictures as widely as they can.Eagle Couriers successful PR photography at Scottish parliament

Changes in digital and social media have changed day-to-day life for all of us in how we keep in touch and communicate. We’ve never lived in such a visual age, where images are becoming the de facto means of communicating.

Our Picture Perfect series is an essential business guide for anyone considering PR photography for newspapers, websites or brochures, with real life case studies


How can the Holyrood PR’s PR experts help your business?

We believe that stories at the heart of every business and when they are well told to the right audience they improve the bottom line and make better places to work.

Every story can be better told with the aid of pictures in an era where the most important communication tools – including social networks – are creating a greater demand for photography than ever before. For more than a decade we have put photography at the heart of our story telling business and for the past six years we have also offered video services.

As a result we have vast experience, knowledge and a reservoir of insight that forward-thinking businesses recognise and want a part of. If you think your business could benefit from a picture makeover, check out the many hassle free ways to contact us. Alternatively just phone 0131 561 2244 or fill in the simple form below and we’ll get straight back to you.

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Make an impact with PR photography

Make an impact with PR photography

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Benefit from business video


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