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Duckin’ and Divin’ For Online News

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YOUTUBE Vice-Devil's Breath

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A few months ago I watched a harrowing documentary by Vice on the devastating effects of heroin alternative Krokodil which became known as Russia’s designer drug. It seems the flesh eating substance has taken a side step to it’s even more terrifying neighbour-Scopolamine-known as The Devil’s Breath! The drug is frightening as it can be administered simply by blowing it into a passer-by’s face on the street and has the strength to eliminate free will and wipe it’s victim’s memory! Vice’s Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to find out more and rather arrogantly had plans to ship some back to America to prank his friends with! But on discovering more about the drug’s powers couldn’t even carry out his first pledge-to try it himself!


As what I like to call a ‘taste’ vegetarian (as opposed to a ‘moral’ vegetarian) I do not often feel left out when dining with my carnivorous friends and family. However, this is apparently not the case for all meat adverse consumers, and the people behind Lucky-Break Wishbone have developed a plastic wishbone to help these vegetarians feel included during Thanksgiving dinner. The founder Ken Ahroni says the idea came to him over his own Thanksgiving meal which I guess just proves that lightbulb moments really can happen anytime.


If you are travelling from Birmingham to London anytime soon you will be treated to an array of witty train announcements, such as “Will any passengers listening to noisy iPods please get a better taste in music. Thank you.” You might think you are just in need of your morning coffee, but no, you heard right. The announcements have been developed by Green Wing writer Richard Preddy and are voiced by Blackadder star, Tony Robinson. It is hoped that the comedy element will help to alleviate the stress of the morning commute and “bring out the personality” of Chiltern Railways staff.  See the link below for examples of the other funny, but highly sarcastic announcements.

WHAT A BOOB (Victoria)

This month’s cover of US magazine Time has provoked a social media storm all over the world after publishing a photo of a mother breastfeeding her (4 year old) child.
The mother Jamie Lynne Grumet is a regular mummy blogger, and the cover runs alongside a feature on ‘attachment parenting’.
The story was a hot trending topic on Twitter, attracting comments from a host of celebrities and parenting experts who questioned the breastfeeding of 4 year old – and the sanity of the mother.
A great example of a highly controversial topic cleverly used to ramp up magazine sales, website hits and brand recognition.


Andy Murray’s mum and tennis coach Judy Murray caused a bit of a stir among scots this weekend when she tweeted an image of Edinburgh traffic being held up by a bus which had seemingly nose dived in the middle of rush hour. The picture was retweeted several times and was picked up by several news pages – highlighting that even celebs get cuaght up in Edinburgh’s awful traffic!