Is it time for your business to become #Dronestagram famous?

by Nathan McGregor

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Our Drone Filming Scotland team examines the benefits of promoting your business on Instagram with drone video


LET’S FACE IT, we’ve all been jealous of someone on Instagram.

Whilst you’re stuck in a hot and stuffy office on a Wednesday afternoon, your Instagram feed is filled with endless photos of boundless beaches, sunsets on balconies and selfies in famous places. These accounts have basically ticked off everything that is on your bucket-list and more.

What once was a place that was filled with pictures of fancy brunch and athletes at the gym in tight sportswear (we say once but it is still pretty prominent), Instagram now has a HUGE content-led desired audience, focused on travel, backpacking and tourism.

Whether it’s a picture of a llama at Machu Picchu, or being a complete tourist at Australia Sydney’s Opera House, the drive for that perfect ‘Instagram-worthy’ image is there. People are visual beings and react favourably to colourful, interesting and engaging content. But with so many Instagram ‘influencers’ in the digital world, is there a need for that little bit of a niche to put yourself in the light? And, furthermore, could this be applied towards a more business-focused vertical?

We certainly think so.

Video is huge right now. We don’t need to go over it again and we’re pretty sure that you already know. But capturing video from a whole new insight can breathe a whole new angle towards your social content.

Is the answer drone video on Instagram? Definitely.


The Goliath, flourishing image-heaving app, Instagram, has seen a mammoth increase in video content – namely, video views have increased by 40% in the last six months.

It was recorded that on June 2016 #dronestagram had been used 295,406 times. We ran some quick research and found out that the term has now been used in over 3million posts. That’s an impressive growth rate of nearly 1,000 per cent in that space of only two years!

Similarly, in 2016 the term #drone had been used 1,627,557 times. It has now been recorded at 7.7million. That’s a rise of nearly 400 per cent! Incredible.

So, demand is quite clearly there for all to see. Users are generating more content that audiences are engaging with. Specific drone-only Instagram accounts have also been created and already command very healthy follower numbers.

It’s about time your business started taking advantage of this current video craze.


Drones are constantly opening up a world of possibilities in marketing. The ability to tell your story from a brand new, innovative and highly engaging angle is very attractive to businesses and customers alike. Drone video can capture and communicate your message from a viewpoint where other imaging and video marketing collateral fail.

We’ve already found out that Instagram has an engaged audience with the drone hashtags. All that we need to do is serve them the content they seek. Tell your story, build that trust, drive that traffic to your site and, before you know it, that consumer could turn into a customer and then a sale.

Don’t worry if you think drone footage is just for the avid, budding backpacker who wants to take drone shots of forests and ravines, the audience on Instagram want everything. It could be a brand new property development that you want to promote within the area; or a brand new tourist attraction that you want to sell more tickets for; or even a music festival that you are trying to promote to an audience abroad.

Whether it’s for corporate or consumer reasons, drone footage works. And Instagram has the audience that is waiting for you to serve it to them, today.

The perspective of ground filming, despite its quality, can be related to our everyday human-being point of view and mankind’s fascination with flight. The drone, on the other hand, lets you have a bird’s eye view, lets you fly. The subject unfolds in its entirety. Our videographer, Seb, reflects on the creative burst of drone filming.


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