Don’t Lose Your Luggage With Fun Tags From Scribbler

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Don’t Lose Your Luggage With Fun Tags From Scribbler

Scribbler Cards Blog

dog tag scribblerWe’ve all had that panicky feeling at the airport when waiting for your luggage to come round the carousel – what if somebody mistakes my bag for theirs? 

What if you end up with a suitcase full of someone’s ski clothes, when you’re heading off on your summer hols? Or worse still what if you end up with no suitcase at all?

Irreverent card chain Scribbler has come up with a solution to any lost luggage worries – in the shape of a range of fun and quirky, and very distinctive, luggage labels.   

The range of labels from kitsch designer label Fluff includes a collection of adorable dogs, dressed in designer gear.

Faux leather, with appliqué and embroidery detailing, you can choose from an adorably cool bulldog wearing a retro cap or a super stylish Chihuahua puppy sporting a diamante dog collar, as well as many more. 

Fluff has also designed another colourful animal-themed set of tags that are guaranteed to brighten up any suitcase

Among the designs to choose from is an eye-catching black tag featuring an embroidered bright pink pig wearing angel wings and a studded collar surrounded by love hearts.

For a more cheeky choice, a bright green frog sticking its tongue out whilst wearing a golden crown will definitely bring a smile to passing travellers.

Retailing at £6.99 each, they are available from Scribbler stores across England and Scotland and provide the perfect gift for any jet setting friend or family member. Scribbler is the UK’s favourite card and gift retailer. Best known for its quirky and stylish cards, the chain also offers an extensive selection of stationary, journals and gifts. 

The full range of products are available from any of Scribbler’s 17 UK stores and also from their website

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